Friday, April 29, 2016

Words. Great Words. All the Words.

There's something that's been irritating me for quite awhile now and, while I rarely get political on here in such a blatant way, it's too disturbing for me not to comment anymore.

I can see how some people may find Donald Trump a viable candidate for president. I've heard the 'he can't be bought' arguments, the 'we need someone that's not a politician' arguments, the 'he tells it like it is' arguments and while I disagree with any and all of these being a reason to elect someone, something else bothers me much, much more.

Those people who are calling themselves Christians who are firmly behind this man as president. Unabashedly rooting for him, a paragon of wealth, greed, arrogance, and bigotry. All of the things that Jesus would have stood firmly against had He and Trump wandered this Earth at the same time. I've found a way to put this into a visual aid that I think might finally get through to these people and, hopefully, point out a few of the more glaring reasons why this man should not get their vote.

Behold, I give you JesusTrump. Pictures of Jesus with quotes from Donald Trump. If you cannot imagine your Lord and Savior uttering these phrases, if you feel that what I have done here is somehow blasphemous, then I urge you to reconsider your vote for this man and try to find a much more sane choice.

Said to a breastfeeding mother who needed to pump.

Because those were definitely Jesus's priorities.

Definitely putting down people's looks, that was Jesus's M.O.

Blessed are the very rich because they can buy the stairway to heaven.

Just so everybody knows.

Am I right? Greed is good!

I can't even imagine Jesus saying this, and He's the Son of GOD.

Murder the innocents! Make them pay!

Looks  are really, really important because God looks at the outward appearance.

Keep those dirty Mexicans out, you guys.
I think this blog stands on its own, but if not, I'd like to encourage you to read what Jesus said about material wealth, those who think too highly of themselves, and what loving people actually entails...

BEFORE you vote.

--Stephanie Jean


  1. Fantastic! How can any one who calls their self a Christian not feel ashamed when they think of voting for Trump after reading this!

  2. Feel free to share, and thanks for reading!