Saturday, June 22, 2013

Missional Living

It's time for full disclosure, folks. Ideas have been brewing for a very long time. They're not my ideas, they're God's. I know this because I would be paralyzed with fear if they were my ideas, and nothing would ever get off the ground.

I have a friend. This friend has no actual regular income. This friend is living a missional life -- trusting God to provide her family's needs at every turn regardless of what circumstances bring -- and it has been successful on a consistent basis. If she needs to pay a bill, she prays about it and, I kid you not, the money for the bill shows up. In the mail, by a person randomly showing up to her house with a check, whatever it might be. I used to belly-laugh at such stories (not hers) because they seem so unbelievable. But this time, I trust the source. This is real. God is working in genuine, tangible ways, with His provision. And, recently, I've seen it in my own life whenever I have the audacity to just let go of my will and trust Him.

We've been praying for quite awhile and feel led that it's time for my husband to go back to school full time. He's been going part time while working for the last semester and a half, has gotten straight As, has received approval for his financial aid, and come August 9th, I'll be the only one working. I do not fear this. I did the budget, saw how much we would be lacking per month to pay our bills, and asked God to take care of it. Two days later, there was an opening at the only local video store in town, less than a mile and a half from our home. A week later, I had the job. It's part time, minimum wage, and I can do my other job right from there on my laptop. Taking into consideration the number of hours and the money I will make, it adds up to exactly the amount of money we needed to make up the difference, plus eleven dollars each month for some leeway. I mean, could it be any more clear than that? I asked, I received. I trusted, and it happened. I knocked, He opened. I sought, I found. 

"Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:33 is one of my favorite verses because it makes perfect sense IF you get it. It's not talking about going to church and then expecting to win the lottery. It doesn't mean toss up a quick prayer and then God will give you everything you want. We're talking about real missional living -- put God first, above all else in your life. Live for Him. Align yourself with His plans for your life. Do what He wants you to be doing, because you have a purpose on this planet. He will most definitely take care of the rest. Forget about seeking fancy cars, expensive houses, the latest fashions. He will give you transportation, shelter, and clothing. Don't look for ten course meals. He'll feed you your daily bread, and you will never be in need.

Our ministry, A Journey of Reinvention, is going to become our life. Teaching, loving, helping, living with people on a daily basis. Our motto has been "God's Got This" because, at every turn, He has, plain and simple. Soon, we're going to start fundraising, taking up donations for the ministry's needs, and soliciting your help to pray like crazy that His Kingdom will come on this Earth through each and every one of us loving God and each other every single day! Instead of prolonging the myth that the Church is a building, we're aiming to prove that the Church is the body of Christ, and each one of us is a limb, working together in movement for Him...

Are you on the Journey? Bring a friend! We're going places, with Him and for Him!

Stephanie Jean

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