Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well, you know... we all wanna change the world.  Right?

Wrong. A lot of people don't.  A lot of people are content with things the way they are -- just plodding along, eat, sleep, work, repeat -- without ever challenging the way things are.

I'm challenging the way things are.

Aren't you in the market for more? Things need to evolve.  *Gasp* EVOLUTION!? Heh, yeah.  It's not a bad thing, you know. It's not taboo.  It just means gradual change. I'm talking about small changes that you and I can make, one at a time, in our lives.  They'll have a tiny effect but, on the whole, if we can have a tiny effect all together, that makes a pretty big effect.

One more smile each day.  One extra dollar for a tip at lunch. One extra minute to compliment someone. One re-usable coffee cup instead of a disposable one. One aluminum can into recycling instead of the landfill.  One half-hour conversation face-to-face instead of on Facebook. One hour of your time spent serving someone who needs your service.

Add it up.  If you do it, a life might be changed because of the difference you're making.  If you have a tiny effect on someone else's life, they might begin having an effect on someone else's. People are happier. People are richer. People have more self-confidence. The planet stays around a little longer. People's needs are met. And the lives you're changing? Yours is one of them.

For instance: if one person goes into one coffee shop once a day for the work week, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, and gets one coffee in a disposable cup, they've used and thrown away 260 disposable cups. One re-usable cup can replace all of those.  Use, rinse, repeat.  Nothing goes into the landfill. If two people did it, that's 520 cups. If four people did it, that's 1040 cups. If eight people did it, that's 2080 cups. You see where I'm going here? It takes ONE person to start a revolution. But if one person doesn't start it, nothing will change. (Alternately, you can see some more math in the little picture up there on the right...)

What's your revolution? How will you evolve? How will you shape the world around you? How will you touch lives? What difference will you make in someone's life that will help them make a difference in someone else's life?

Let's start a revolution, you and I.

Right now.

-Stephanie Jean


  1. Why are you trying to destroy the paper cup industry?! Those paper cup makers are hard working, down-to-earth folk just trying to make it through each day so they can go home and make mac & cheese for their kids. Why do you want to destroy their livelihood?

  2. gosh. I have to rethink every one of my Starbucks cups....worth rethinking.

    1. Don't forget, you get a discount for using your own cup most places, too! :)