Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the Beginning... Again

I love, love, LOVE a fresh start.  I love a new beginning, a chance to rewrite a story. This website was built from precisely that desire within me to not just remain content with the person I was, but to consistently strive to build upon that person.  To learn, to grow, to journey, to nurture innate passions, to say goodbye to the ones that needed to dry up and wither away so that something else could thrive in its place.

If you're seeking a new start, you've found the right place.  And the best part of this news is, it's not a one-time-only gig.  It's a daily, hourly, minute-ly chance to rid yourself of the past and begin anew.  This life is not a one-shot deal.  If it were, my shot would've been up a long time ago.  We make mistakes, we fail, we fall, and we get picked back up, dusted off, and placed on the right track once again.

And again.

And again.

With every new start, there's a driving force inside of me itching to succeed.  With each new year, specifically, I have goals in mind as most of us do, and a firm desire that THIS will be the year I achieve those goals.  It rarely works, mind you -- sometime mid-February or before, it becomes 'too difficult' or 'other things take priority' or whatever pathetic excuse I choose for the day.  Doesn't really matter what the goal is, in fact.  I'll find a way to circumvent the course I was on with some useless distraction that I deem 'more important'.  That's when I let daily life get in the way of the life I'm supposed to be leading and, once that happens, it's a simple head-turn away each day that leads me to the wrong path, the wrong choices, the wrong direction.  I step away from the Journey and, wouldn't you know it? There's a wolf staring me in the face.

Every fairy tale and/or good horror story has that token warning not to stray from the path, but they do it anyhow.  Whether it's Little Red Riding Hood or the guys in American Werewolf in London, it's the same message: if you step off the path, the wolf is always there to find you.

What's your wolf?  Is it junk food? Distraction? Drugs? Is it lust? Greed? Arrogance?  Is it temptation in general?  Or is it something you just can't quite put your finger on, but you know it's there and you really, really don't like it but... but a part of you does?

I'm not a fan of platitudes.  I'd like to be able to assure you that if you stay on the path, the wolf will never get you.  But I'm not going to lie to you.  Sometimes you'll be going the right direction, on the right path, taking steps toward the right goals and the wolf will just step right in and stand in your way.  It's then that you have to make a choice: do I let him steer me off the path, or do I hop over him as just one more hurdle, and keep going the direction I was going?

The choice is yours, each and every day.  If you stumble, you get back up.  If you veer off, you jump back on track.  If you find yourself taking steps in the wrong direction, you turn around.

And if a wolf crosses your path?

Stand tall and tell him, "G'won, GIT!" and you keep Journeying, my friend.

Stephanie Jean

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