Saturday, July 21, 2012

For a Purpose

Here's how architecture works: an architect thinks, "I'm going to make a building!"  Then he or she gets together lots of different materials and throws them randomly together in a couple of hours, and a building appears.  Then, the architect decides what they want to use the building for: is it going to be for offices, or church services, or basketball games?

(Psst... if this does not sound like the correct formula for architecture to you, you must be insane!)

All right, all right.  I'm making a point.  Just as an architect does not throw things together in a haphazard fashion, neither does God.  An architect has a plan, a blueprint, a well-thought out and well-designed masterpiece that will, in the end, be the perfect building for the purposes for which the building is being designed.  Other people come on board with the correct materials, the right experience, and the structure is built.  The purpose comes first.  The design comes second.  Then things start coming together.

God has a design for you.  He has a purpose for your life that you might not recognize right now, but when you were born, He didn't just say, "Well, here's another baby."  We all have different drives and passions, different talents and abilities, different interests and experiences that go into the blueprint for who we are as individuals.  If you're not living up to your potential, it's perhaps because you haven't yet realized what you are meant for.

It's time to start realizing.  You're here on purpose.  You're here FOR a purpose.  You can do things that nobody else can.  You have thoughts and ideas that are unique to your brain.  You have skills that can bring things to fruition that will only be wrought by your hands.  You were meant to change the world for the better.  No, not alone... but if you don't feel that spark inside of you, nobody else can make you feel it.

Listen to the voice inside your heart.  That's God saying, "I made you for a reason.  Let me show you why."

Stephanie Jean


  1. thank you stephie, i needed this badly you have NO idea. i love you so much.

    1. You're welcome, and I love YOU, with every fiber of my being. I am proud of you, and I know God has great plans for you. I'll do anything I can to help you figure them out! XOXO Love, Me