Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Mindlessness


Yeah, it's really me. I know, it's been awhile since I've written anything in the middle of the week. I used to, back when I was optimistic and adventurous with this whole new blog thing. By now, you're probably sick of hearing from me even on the weekends, am I right? **taps microphone** Is this thing on?

Anyhow -- so, it's Wednesday. I'm fond of Wednesdays. Work is busy, i.e. tips are good, and the day passes pretty quickly. This week's already been an adventure. Tomorrow I get to awaken somewhere around 5:15 in the morning to drive my husband to work because the van has finally been laid to rest. Well, we laid it on the front porch of an auto repair place, anyway. We have an appointment at the place we normally use, but that's not until November 7th because its the earliest they could get us in. I love my husband and I admire his work ethic, but I sure as heck don't want to get up at 5:15 in the morning for the next two weeks, ya feel me? So, hopefully they can get that bad boy fixed tomorrow and by Friday everything will be hunky dory. (Weird -- the spell-check would accept 'dory' but not 'dorey'. Are either of those actually a word? Yes, says -- 'dory' is a type of boat.)

In addition, the little dog has stubbed his toenail once again and it's hanging off oddly, so he's constantly licking it. It's not broken or bleeding so I'm not taking him to the vet. I already have to get him and Nikita in next week for overdue shots (I'm aware that I'm a bad doggymomma, thank you very much) so I'll just have them trim his nails and fix it then. Two dogs at vet: $140. Van repair price yet unknown. Groceries tomorrow. I have literally $6 in the checking account right now. Six dollars.

But do you know what I'm thankful for?

My husband, my kids, my family, my paycheck, my house, my cousin coming home from the Army in a little over a week, my doggies, my laptop, my writing, my friends, and my life -- regardless of how trying it can be from time to time.

It's amazing what a little optimism can do for the spirit.

Stephanie Jean


  1. i will be praying for you and yours. As we both know, God can do amazing things...

  2. A little optimism and that hot hunk of a boat you'll have by Friday! I'm praying for you too. Have been thinking of you all week long!

  3. XOXO to both of you. Van is BACK, and it was less than $300... as always, God is good!