Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blissful R&R

If this weekend had been any more relaxing, I'd probably be in a coma. I spent most of the time in my robe, watching football and more football, then movies galore. We did step out to go to a Hallowe'en party for a couple of hours, and I threw clothes on for fifteen minutes today to pick our son up from work and grab some fast food. Other than that, we were home. We watched:

Pirate Radio
Gulliver's Travels

I might be missing something in there, but those are the ones I remember, anyhow.

Tomorrow the work week starts again. As I am not yet independently wealthy, I shall clock in at 7 a.m. At least it's Hallowe'en tomorrow, and I get to wear my costume to work. I find the tips to be especially good each October 31st. Come in to the Grind tomorrow if you'd like to know why.

Our son seems to have developed some random food allergy, and we're trying to isolate it. I'm fairly certain it's either lactose- or peanut butter-related. Either way, he's got to figure out what it is so he can stop eating it.

This week holds: barista-ing, housecleaning, taking dogs to vet for wayyyy overdue shots and a nail clipping for the feisty little one, picking up some groceries I forgot on grocery day, and preparing for our post-Hallowe'en party next Saturday night. It's rare we have people over these days, and it's nice when it happens.

I should try and get some sleep, I suppose...

I sound really boring today.

Stephanie Jean

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