Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

This morning, we got up to see our son march for the last time in the Memorial Day parade in Middlebury. Not only was it a very small parade (ten minutes), but it was also a very small turnout in the crowd. Apparently, if you don't throw candy, no one wants to show up. Fight for our country, our lives, our freedom, our honor -- but if you're not going to throw candy, you might as well not march. Sad state of affairs, I say. Americans have priorities that are seriously out-of-whack.

Another quick week up ahead -- only three days at the Grind for me, and one housecleaning/grocery day. Our daughter has to get her last shot this week, our middle son turns 17 next weekend, our daughter gets a tooth pulled next week, our oldest son graduates and has his graduation party in two weeks, then I'm going to take a small vacation and you might not hear from me for a week. How's that sound? (Not that you can really tell the difference, since sometimes I go a whole week without writing anyhow!)

I've been working on two articles for magazines, one of which I finally finished and one for which I've just started doing research. I'm still attempting to find a way to make a living with my writing. Obviously, blogging isn't the way to do it (yes, I already knew that) and one or two articles a month, even paid articles, aren't bringing home the bacon, either. There has got to be a way -- without selling my soul and writing essays for college students who are too lazy to write their own -- to make a living this way. Maybe God will just drop it on my head someday. Along with a baby. (That's how those happen, right? Just get dropped on your head?)

I've got to get around to pulling together my stuff for a yard sale. This house always seems to end up full of useless junk I don't need. I don't know how it accumulates so quickly, because I have a gigantic yard sale each year. It's probably from going to yard sales myself. But that can't be true, because I always use the stuff I buy at yard sale. Weird, huh? I should hold an online yard sale. Oh, wait, that's called eBay.

Time to finish my coffee and do my reading. Hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

Stephanie Jean

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  1. Hey, sometimes the stork gets a bad toss in, it has to happen here and there!