Monday, April 4, 2011

La Semana Diabla

Okay, this is totally going to be the week from Hell, I can tell already. How, you ask? Because I'm savvy like that. I got up at 6 this morning, and it's taken me until just NOW to stop and relax. I worked for a little over ten hours at the coffee shop, then drove to Goshen to find Fran and Weldon's new house, which I utterly failed at until I finally talked to them and they directed me perfectly. I cleaned all of the cupboards inside and out, and the floors, and the place is spectacular. I love it! It's bright, and airy, and open. Then I went back to their old house where they were at, visited a few minutes, and drove home, missed Jeopardy, attempted to make cheese fries (3/4 of which fell on the floor), gave up and ate four (count 'em, four) hot dogs with cheese and ketchup because I was angry at life. At least I didn't eat the buns. Let's just pretend like I had a day on the Atkin's Diet.

Tomorrow, I get up at 5, and do it all over again. The coffee shop, the closing with Steve, then drive an hour to clean another house, then back home hopefully by 7:30 so I can actually SEE Jeopardy, but I can't imagine that will really happen. Wednesday brings the same, once again. However, Aria will be home that day, and the boys will be leaving for NYC. Thursday, clean two houses and grocery shop, Friday work at the coffee shop... then, perhaps -- some rest!? I'm looking forward to it already.

Right now, it's laundry, laundry, laundry. I'm seriously thinking about a hot bubble bath. But I'm rather enjoying just snuggling up inside this Patriots fuzzy blanket and typing, plus I have a lot to get caught up on, so maybe the bath will be saved for tomorrow night.

Is it wrong that I want a gigantic hot fudge sundae now? Not that I'm going to have it, since there is no hot fudge and no ice cream in the house. But... wantz.


I am too tired to be inspired.

Stephanie Jean

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