Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can It Be?

I'm almost in shock that I'm in bed on Thursday night, and when I wake up tomorrow, I'll only have to work until 1pm, and then... I can breathe, because it's finally the weekend! *YAY* The boys are in New York City, Aria's spending the night at her cousin's house on Saturday, so we'll have one night alone for Spring Break! But right now, I'm just smiling at the thought of this week being over. If ever there were a week where I wished for the Sabbath to come sooner, this was it!

Monday: worked 10 hours at the coffee shop, drove to Goshen, cleaned new house.
Tuesday: worked 8 hours at the coffee shop, drove to Lagrange, cleaned new house.
Wednesday: Picked Aria up at 6am from D.C. trip arrival, took car to Tire Star to fix tire (again), worked 6 hours at the coffee shop, helped coordinate boys departure for NYC, looked for Zach's keys for 45 minutes.
Thursday: Post office, helped Fran pack for her move to new house, polished Kathryn's entire wood floor by hand, then used buffer, shopped three places, brought groceries home, attempted to clean this house, made dinner for Aria and myself, wrote article for Family Magazine.

I need to breathe.

Speaking of breathing, my mom bought me a reed diffuser air freshener and it's pretty awesome. I'd never heard of it before, but my whole bedroom smells like garden rain, and it's just lovely.

I've been getting really super hot at night under the covers. I just realized that part of that is because my laptop is warm and it's... well, on my lap.

Okay, so I have to tell you this story. After a ridiculously long day yesterday at the coffee shop, it was nearly closing time. This nice young lady ordered a drink. While I was making it for her, an odd, older gentleman came in, and was staring at the large menu over my head. I assumed he was deciding what he wanted to drink. I finished making the drink for the girl, and as I started to ring her up in the register, the guy looked at me and said:

"I saw you were a coffee shop. I thought you'd have burgers?"

Large pause, as I considered whether or not he was just screwing with me. He wasn't. I said, "No... I'm sorry," in my most polite voice. He walked out. When the door closed, the nice young lady and I looked at each other and just cracked up. I said to her, "I saw this was a church, I thought you would have some pole dancers..." It was a shining moment at the Grind.

MY WEEK JUST GOT 100% BETTER! My cousin Charlene, who is in the Army and stationed in South Korea, just called me! I haven't talked to her since December, and I am beyond excited that she just called!!! I might not sleep all night! :)

My sister, Savannah, recently showed me how to use Skype, and I think it is perhaps one of the more awesome creations of the past century. (I like to use things that Savannah already knows how to use, because she's very adept at explaining them to me quickly in a way that I can understand. She's like the Cliff Notes version of a User's Manual!) In addition to Skype, she also showed me how to use my digital camera, iPod, and my old cell phone. Savannah pretty much rocks.

Now it's time to attempt sleep... but I'm so excited for the weekend, and about Char's call, I might be right back on here in an hour! :)

Stephanie Jean

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