Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday, Muddy Sunday

Well, my Wolverines are out of the tournament. It was close, though. Not that close really counts for anything, it just gives me hope and then rips it away in the last three seconds. There's always next year. I'm not that big of a basketball fan or anything, it just really makes me happy when tournament games turn out well for Michigan. It's so seldom, you know.

Yesterday we traveled to Plainfield, Indiana, to watch our sons perform in the state show choir competition, where they came in second place and won Best Vocals. I was so proud of them. They really poured their heart and soul into their performance, and it certainly showed.

I've spent all day today, since waking up around 10:30, working on my writing. I've written a few different things, researched some freelance opportunities online, submitted stories, articles, and one-liners for a greeting card company, and am pretty excited about the prospects. I don't expect all of them (if any of them) to actually be published, but at the very least, I've put myself out there and focused some time and energy on it. The more often I do this, the better I will get at it, and the more likely it will be that I will make some money in this endeavor. I keep feeling like God is positioning me to write full-time, so I'm doing my best to meet Him on the path and keep taking the right steps.

I really want to look forward to this week. I spend Sundays dreading the work week most of the time. I want to remain positive, do my best job at work and know that, no matter how difficult the customers might be, or how the week might play out, that I served others as though serving the Lord. There are customers that I dread, as well, but each opportunity to serve them is another opportunity to spread the light of God. Keep a smile on my face, no matter how difficult they might try to make it for me. I can do this. I can.

No I can't.

But God can, so I'll just lean on Him.

Friday at work was wonderful. Steve played all my favorite music in the kitchen, turned it up loud enough so I could hear it, and turned off the dining room music. I sang all day long, and not just because it was my birthday -- it was because I was actually having a good time, and no one got under my skin. I wish I could say every day could be like that, but I know that's impossible. No one likes their job all the time. I know that, even if I do end up writing full time, I probably won't like it all the time. It seems like I will since there's nothing I've ever wanted to do more, but there will be days when I'm totally exhausted, uninspired, and just want to do nothing at all but sleep and eat and sleep some more. The great thing about writing is, I can probably do that on those days and not lose my job.

Also Friday, I got to eat wings at B-Dubs and a Chocolate Mountain Mudslide at Hacienda. I'm willing to bet that if that could happen every day, I'd be in a much better mood at work as well! And also, I'd weigh over 300 lbs.

I heard some thunder earlier, but it doesn't look like we got a good storm. It didn't get dark, and I didn't see lightning, either. I'm not a big fan of rain just for the sake of rain, but when a good thunderstorm accompanies it, then I can enjoy it. There's something about the wind before a storm actually hits, that warm/cool feeling of intensity in the air, then the sound of the thunder... it just conjures up something primal within me. I think there's something inherent in each of us, something natural that we connect with. I've never put any stock into astrology, signs and whatnot, but I am a Pisces (a water sign), and I always feel good around water. I love to be at Lake Michigan, I love to walk by the river, I love to take long, hot bubble baths. Rain annoys me, but all the drama of a thunderstorm is exciting, and I like the streams of water the next day after the storm, trickling and pooling. The best part of spring rain is: mushrooms! I absolutely love morels, and there are so many more when we get good rain early in the season like this.

Spring makes me feel good inside for another reason. My husband and I just celebrated the ninth anniversary of our first date (yes, we're dorks, and we remember dates like this). Something inside of me always feels good in mid-March, because I remember the heart-racing, "new love" feelings I experienced back then, and how I thought about him constantly, couldn't wait to spend all night with him eating steak and eggs at Callahan's until 3am, drinking coffee, going to movies... even all these years later, the feeling in the air conjures up those memories and puts me in a lighter mood, regardless of what else is happening on a daily basis. He says I'm obsessed with him. He's probably right, but it's way better than the alternative -- usually after nine years of being with the same person, people get so sick of each other they can't even stand the thought of each other, which is why our divorce rate in America is hovering around 60%, sadly. I'd much rather be obsessed with him. He's pretty cute. He's rolling his eyes in embarrassment right now as he's reading this, I'm sure.

How about them gas prices, eh? Yeah, that's how I started this paragraph. Seriously, though, $3.65 a gallon? It'd be cheaper if cars ran on milk. What really irritates me, though, is when we drove to Plainfield (3 hours away) gas was forty cents cheaper a gallon. What makes it forty cents cheaper there? There's no good excuse for why it can't be forty cents cheaper here. I'd only complain once or twice a day if it were $3.25 a gallon instead of the twenty times a day I complain now that it's $3.65! Those Plainfield people don't know how good they have it! (I know, people in Chicago and New York are probably railing on me for complaining about the cheap $3.65, because I don't know how good I have it! Oh, wait... no one as far away as Chicago or New York read my blog. That's a shame.)

I should get back to writing something I have a chance of getting paid for. No offense, ya'll. Unless you want to start mailing me checks every time you click on my website... yeah, I didn't think so.

Stephanie Jean

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