Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Hate The Smell of Espresso in the Morning

And the afternoon.
And the evening.

My dogs love it. Random people love it. I can see them sniffing the air when I walk by. I guess it could be worse. Some people, when they haven't gotten a chance to shower after work, smell like sweat, or grease, or horse poo. I smell like espresso. I live for the day when I no longer smell like espresso, and I smell like the piles of money that I've been rolling in instead.

This afternoon, after I was done at work, I drove to the mall to pick up my sister, Savannah, and her boyfriend Brad. We went to eat at Hacienda, then back to the mall to hang out for awhile. I love my sister. She is one of the few people who make me feel good when I'm in bad spirits, and we laugh at the most random things together. We have psychic rock-paper-scissors power, too. And I'm pretty sure that, between the two of us, we could polish off four chocolate mountain mudslides in ten minutes, and you'd better keep your fingers back.

Can I just ask the question? WHAT is wrong with the judges on American Idol? I can't stand James Durbin. I'm sure he's a nice boy, and all, but singing is not for him. I'm not saying his stuff isn't my cup of tea... I'm saying, he should be sitting somewhere drinking a cup of tea instead of singing. Preferably somewhere where singing is banned.

Tomorrow is my "day off" (insert hysterical laughter here). In my language, the words "day off" mean that I don't work at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop. The do not mean, however, that I do not work. Tomorrow, I clean two houses, not including my own. Whenever I do get home, after cleaning two other houses, I will clean my house. I'm tired now, and I'm tired just thinking about tomorrow. And Friday. And next week.

My exhaustion level is at a constant high lately. I wake up tired, I work all day and feel weary when I'm done, and I feel like collapsing when it's bedtime. I almost fall asleep on my way to work in the mornings, I zone out while I'm driving home in the evenings. All of this when I'm on caffeine -- imagine what my life would be like if I gave up coffee!

If your last name is Magia, why would you name your daughter Thea? Thea Magia? Really? People who cannot name their children properly should give them to me.

All right, I find myself completely uninspired. Therefore, I will cease subjecting you to my ramblings, finish watching American Idol, and fall into sweet, blissful sleep. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and cross your fingers for some nicer weather.

Stephanie Jean


  1. I can tell you how to have almost unlimited energy all day long. I'm 54 years old and I do.

    And I won't even charge you a dime for the info. {wink wink}


  2. Does it require removing sugar from my diet? :P

  3. And we won't even talk about the caffeine.


    ~b. :>)

  4. I loved smelling like espresso, lol

  5. Come on over after I get off work, you can rub my t-shirt on your face. (That sounded way more provocative than I meant for it to...)