Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was as if the Universe and everyone in it conspired to be certain I didn't eat for as long as possible today, the first day I was able to eat after my fast. We were slammin' busy at work today (no small thing, considering business has been in the gutter lately), so I barely had a moment to even think, much less fix something to eat and actually ingest it. By the time I finally left, (nearly 12 hours after I woke up), I thought, "Forget it, I'll just wait one more day." But, no. I had told the kids I'd do something for dinner, so I did. I met Zachary at Taco Bell because Michael was at work and Aria was still at rehearsal. We had a very nice meal together, and he gave me a birthday present (a couple of days early, but we won't really see each other until after my birthday, so it was nice of him to think of it!) He bought me a bottle of Asian Zing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings, which I L O V E!!! Then I picked Aria up from rehearsal and took her to get some Subway. I roamed around the dollar store while I waited for her to get her sandwich, and it seemed to be taking forever, so I walked over to the restaurant only to find - literally - 28 people in line, and one person making sandwiches and ringing them up. Aria was second in the line when I got there and it still took another ten minutes. Near the end of that time, the last half of the people in line left to go to McDonald's. This made me laugh for a few reasons: first, they're too busy to wait for healthy food so they're going to go eat junk (not that I should talk), and second... Michael works at McDonald's, so he'll have to wait on all of them!!! I'll have to ask him about it when he gets home.

The meal, you ask? I had part of a cheesy gordita crunch, some water, and a cheesy fiesta potato. This is less than half of what I could normally eat at Taco Bell. Congratulations, fast -- you have noticeably made my stomach shrink! YES!!! I am not hungry in the least right now, and it's two hours later.

Well, it's almost time for Jeopardy. Not much more to say today, anyhow -- hope this weather keeps up, because I could get used to this, for sure!

Stephanie Jean

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