Monday, February 21, 2011

S.... NO!.....W

Okay, first off, let me just say that whoever ordered this weather is a big fat jerkface. I was done with Winter, thank you very much. This displeases me greatly. Icy roads, freezing cold wind, and snow, snow, S N O W. (The word "NO" is right in the middle of 'snow'. You'd think Mother Nature would get the hint.) Although I was lamenting that I didn't get to go sledding this year. So maybe this is my fault.

Well, I can't really walk a mile in this ridiculous weather, once again, so I'll have to bust out the Wii Fit and do some more step aerobics with Aria, and then our jumping jacks and crunches and cool-down. I've been so busy all day, I haven't even had a glass of water, so I need to get cracking on that before I do anything else.

I began a quest for a literary agent last evening. I'm not sure what the protocol is, but I queried two agents about my book, Women I've Been. I should hear something within a couple of weeks, it says.

I was supposed to meet with Brenda and Monica today, but due to horrendous weather, a death in one of their families, and uncertainty as to what time I'd be getting off work today, we canceled the appointment (This is the wonderful woman at The Good Neighbor News who so lovingly publishes my column "Salisbury's Stake" each month.)

I guess this leaves me with a free evening. The roads are too bad for me to attempt the exercise class, so perhaps I'll give that a shot next week. Unless it unexpectedly melts in the next five hours. Which would be awesome.

I should bid you adieu so I can begin my exercise regimen and start mentally planning dinner for the fam. Stay warm, stay inside, and think Spring. Or Summer. Or Autumn. Or More-Melty-End-of-Winter. (BTW -- stupid, stupid groundhog. Grumble.)

Stephanie Jean

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