Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*no title, just incoherent screaming*

This has been a very trying week so far. So trying, in fact, that I have sincerely contemplated throwing glassware at brick walls just to hear the soothing cacaphony. Although, at this moment, I'm listening to some Asian dude doing a worse rendition of a Miley Cyrus song than Miley herself, which is a tremendous feat. Why do I subject myself to American Idol every year when I swear I'm never going to watch it again?

Oh. Because of Steven Tyler. I don't care if he's sold out by being on the show. I don't care that he is approximately 142 years old. I don't care that he has more highlights than I've ever had in my entire life. I don't care that his mouth could swallow a football. I. Love. Steven. Tyler.

Yesterday, while I was using the Wii Fit, I came upon a little boxing game. I gave it a shot (no pun intended), and got a few points. No big deal. Today, however, after the day I had -- I came home and beat the living crap out of the little Wii Punching Bag Dude. He smoked, his arm fell off, and he collapsed. I burned a lot of calories. And I did it twice in a row before my arms felt like Jello, then I did step-aerobics for twenty minutes while I watched Cash Cab. I. Love. Wii. Fit.

I'm getting paid for an article that I'm writing! This is very exciting news. This is what I've been hoping for! Well, I've been hoping for several articles in rapid succession, preferably in syndication, but... ya know. I gotta start small. Starting free was small. Getting paid -- well, that's a step in the right direction. I. Love. Getting. Paid.

Tomorrow, two houses to clean and a visit with my little sister. I so look forward to spending time with her. It's very rare, since we are both so busy all the time, but she is a lot of fun and we always have a great time together. The book I wrote is dedicated to her, because when I look at her I see so much of myself at that age, and I want her to grow and mature more quickly than I did. That, and I love her a huge ton! :)

My daughter had to have another immunization today. She's pretty skittish when it comes to shots, but she did a great job this time. It was quick and fairly painless, unlike last time we went. We got to spend some time together boy-free afterward, so we got some Chinese food and stopped at Goodwill for a few minutes. They're having a 50% off sale on Saturday, so we'll go back then! She's looking for some pieces for a costume for High School Musical, the middle school drama production in April. She just got her balance for the Washington D.C. trip -- she owes $382, which is about half of the original. Anyone who would like to hire her for babysitting, yard work, or housecleaning, drop me a line! She's very determined to go on this trip to D.C., very interested in law and politics, and wants to go to the University of Michigan law school. I get my own little Wolverine!

Well, it's just about bedtime here in the Salisbury household. I would just like to thank all of you for your love and support, for reading, for downloading my book, for passing on the info to others, for being there for me and encouraging in my writing endeavors. I can't tell you how much it means to me.

Stephanie Jean


  1. I screwed up and forgot to DVR AI, and only saw about the last 25 minutes or so. Oh, brother.

    The producers seem to have turned up the 'schmaltz' factor to Warp 10 what with the tear-jerking 'personal stories'. I'm sorry, but it made me throw up in my mouth. And not just a little bit.

    And Steven Tyler? From what I saw, the only thing he's capable of saying is, "Man, you're a good singer."

    This show's days are numbered.

    "And how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"... LOL

    Just wait until I review your book!!! ROFL!


  2. Oh, Bill, you make me laugh :) I didn't even notice that Steven Tyler talked, I was too busy staring at him. I hate all the fake crap in the show, that's why I don't like watching it. It's sort of just background noise this year. After actually auditioning (back when I was young enough to do such things) and seeing the REAL side of what happens there, it's all just a bunch of stuff thrown together on the show so that people will watch it. I very much dislike that they send through people who sing horribly just as a joke, just for ratings. This part, right now, is my least favorite part of the entire experience. So... you know. I'm barely watching. And when I'm watching, I'm watching Steven Tyler. :)