Monday, January 17, 2011

Here We Go Again

I used to read a lot of Garfield as a kid. The comics, the books... I always wondered what the big deal was about Mondays. Garfield hated Mondays. I completely empathize with him now. I'm not sure a Monday is more difficult on a cat than any other day, but they certainly are on me. I woke up at 4:55 a.m. to the same thought that always runs through my head when my alarm goes off in the morning: "Do I really have to get up?" The sad answer is always "yes". If the alarm goes off, yes. If there is no alarm, I don't have to get up. I have this logic right now, but I don't retain it in the mornings. The first thought that runs through my head is still, "Do I really have to get up?" Logic comes later, after coffee. Or, in today's case, chai. But I definitely need some more caffeine, because this headache ain't gonna cure itself.

It was a long day, not terribly stressful, but long. My back, neck, and body ache. I just want to lay down in a hot bath full of bubbles and read, and maybe fall asleep. Of course, there is really no point in my life at which I don't want to do those things.

I got home, however, to find a wonderful thing: I sold two more books since last night! I'm pretty happy about this, obviously. I would love to figure out how to sell more books, but I guess there's no surefire way to do such a thing. Just one-at-a-time marketing, blasting Facebook, begging friends. If anyone should decide to use it as a book club book, that would be kind of nice :) I've been told I should send it to Oprah. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I wonder if she'd even notice. Or rather, the person who opens the mail to give to the person who is the assistant for the executive assistant for Oprah... I wonder if that person would even notice.

That bath is sounding better and better.

Is it wrong to look forward to Friday on Monday?

Stephanie Jean


  1. I'm looking forward to Friday, too!
    Oh, and I am on a personal mission :)

  2. I adore you. Wholeheartedly :) THANK you so much.