Sunday, January 2, 2011


Perhaps my least favorite part of the season is the removal of Christmas decorations. It signifies the end of all the fun stuff: pigging out, presents, sleeping in... and the beginning of the resolution phase of the year: holding back, saying 'no thank you' to perfectly good chocolate, and the massive housecleaning that is long overdue.

I got up 'early' this morning and met my dad for breakfast before church. Once in a great while we get a chance to see each other, just the two of us, and it's very nice. Then we went to Lowe's so I could look at dishwashers. Mine's fizzling out. Well, it's way past the fizzle mode. Now it's in the "please, for the love of all that is holy, find me a replacement' mode. Dad told me that Lowe's has a great price-matching plan... if you find the same model at a lower price elsewhere, Lowe's will match it, and then knock another 10% off! So it's time for me to search the inserts in the Sunday papers, and drop by a few other places. There's one that looked pretty good for $270, I just need to wait about two months before I can buy it. I refuse to put anything else on my credit card. I can hear it sigh with exhaustion when I remove it from my wallet, and I just don't want to put any more pressure on the poor thing. It's been through enough already.

Steve and Aria met me at church. The first service of the new year is sometimes about financial stuff, so I was wary, but it was nice to hear about people mattering to God, and how we are meant to love others. Stuff we should all know already, but nice to hear nonetheless. Then we dropped my car off at home, I made burritos, and we drove off to Fort Wayne to pick the boys up. After waiting only 45 minutes this time (as opposed to the two hours we waited last Thursday), they showed up. Aria came with us so she could spend a little time with her mom. Then we piled back in the van and drove home, attempting to listen to both the Bears and the Colts games. My brain checked out for awhile -- I like football, but I have a hard enough time listening to one game instead of watching it. Two is just insanity.

I saw the most beautiful sunset. Deep blues and oranges on one side of the horizon, and light purple and blue on the other. That's one of the beautiful things about farm country. It's not as beautiful as a desert (read: Vegas) sunset, but it's quite stunning, at any rate.

I came to bed at 8:00 so I could read, catch up a bit, have some devotional time, and get to bed early to prepare for my work week. I'm hungry, which is nagging at me. Not terribly hungry, more of an "I want a Mountain Dew and Reese's Cup" sort of hunger, "with some tortilla chips and queso" thrown in for good measure. This is why I've gained 30 lbs in the last five years. If only I could have the "I sure love carrot sticks and naked lettuce" cravings. I've never had those. Ever. Not one.

I finished reading whatever Sookie Stackhouse novel came next. It's the one right before "Dead in the Family" which is the last one she's written, I believe. Steve's reading that right now, so I have to wait until he's finished with it. This will help me with the 'patience' portion of my journey. Much of me wants to get out of bed, grab it out of his book bag, and stay up all night reading it. But I know he would hate that, so I won't do it. And he'd probably wake up if I stood up right now, and I'd have to explain my actions since I wouldn't be walking toward the bathroom, I'd be walking toward the book bag...

I do have Stephen King's new book to read, and a devotional that I was going to do last year but did a different one instead. So, I'm covered. I just... really... want to read... the Sookie... STOP IT.

The kids are back to school tomorrow. Zachary is excited, because he gets to show off his new car. Aria is excited because she misses her friends and she actually likes school. Michael is downstairs playing his new XBOX game and I have no idea how he feels about school starting, I'm just praying he remembers that there is such a thing and he has to wake up on time for it. We'll see if I get a call from the attendance office tomorrow or not.

This must be the year that I figure out how to stop my husband's snoring. (I mean without suffocating him with a pillow. I'm fond of him.) I wonder if I tried stuffing a tennis ball in his mouth while he's asleep if that would get him to breathe through his nose...

Now that I'm at the point where I'm just plotting evil things, I should probably stop typing. Tune in again tomorrow to see if everyone's still alive.

Stephanie Jean

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