Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday, Icy Sunday

I knew when it rained last night that we were in for it. Frozen roads this morning prohibited us from going to church, so I'll attempt to download the service from last week on my computer. Although I'm not sure if the problem is the computer, or Facebook, or what, but I cannot upload a three minute video to Facebook in under six hours for some reason. Grumble.

I made a pretty good pot o'chili today for lunch, and grilled cheese. I also did some deeper cleaning in the kitchen, because it was pretty dusty on the walls and ceiling. I've been doing laundry all day, and catching up on my devotional reading, and the rest of the stuff that sadly falls through the cracks all week long. I'm awaiting the Bears-Patriots game, rooting for the Patriots but feeling a bit guilty because I'm also a Bears fan. It appears, by looking outside, that the roads are not improving and that perhaps those who are big fans of "Snow Days" might get what you most desire tomorrow.

My car is ready for the shop. The nice gentleman at Mullet's Service claims that it's just in severe need of a tune-up, but I can't help but think that it's something more than that. There are now 176000+ miles on the old Saturn. If it just needs a tune-up, I'll be pleasantly surprised. The appointment, which I scheduled three weeks ago, is for tomorrow, so I'll be dropping it off this evening, borrowing my mother-in-law's vehicle for the day tomorrow and hopefully getting it back in tip-top shape tomorrow night. Cheap. Hope. Hope, hope, hope. Pray.

Coughing has migrated to an uncomfortable place in my chest. I am greatly displeased. I had explained to the coughing that it needed to remove itself completely from my person, but apparently it thought that if it snaked its way into my chest and lower throat, I might not notice it's continuous presence. Wrong, coughing. I hear you, I feel you, and I abhor you. Get the hence. Take heartburn with you as well.

I'm reading "All Together Dead", which is the next Sookie Stackhouse novel. Things happen sort of slowly in this book, but are more interesting than the last couple of books. I'm glad that Bill is fairly invisible most of the time in the last few books, but I'm not a big fan of her current boyfriend. (Spoiler alert, somewhat late. Sorry.) There doesn't seem to be a point to dating Quinn. So he's a weretiger, big deal. So he has a heartbeat, unlike your last two hook-ups. Whatever. I do wonder who they're going to choose to portray him if/when they use him in TrueBlood. I'd pick Billy Zane and make him buff up a little.

By the way, you heard this here first, and if it ever happens, I want kudos for the fantastic idea: The movie Labyrinth needs to be made into a Broadway musical, with Neil Patrick Harris playing the Goblin King and Cobie Smulders as Sarah. I realize they're both in HIMYM, but they can take a break for awhile, I say.

Soldier Field appears to be prettttty snowy.

It's the perfect day for chili and grilled cheese, so I'm glad I made that earlier, but it's also the perfect day for hot cocoa with marshmallows and cool whip, which I believe I'll make sometime very soon here. If there were eggs in the house, my daughter and I would be making cookies!

Touchdown New England!

Off to do more laundry and make that hot cocoa... maybe read a little more while I watch the Patriots smoke the Bears on their own field, and then feel slightly guilty when I gloat internally.


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