Sunday, December 5, 2010

Only 50 More...

Okay, so today I reached my fiftieth book. I realize with a sardonic smile on my face that most of you are rolling your eyes at me, knowing I never had a chance of making it to 100 books by the end of December. And to you people I say...

Yeah. I know. But don't rule me out yet. I'm sure there are fifty Little Golden Books I haven't yet read, and I can make it happen if I want to sink to such a level.

So, there's snow on the ground. Not a big fan. Well, I sort of am. It depends on my mood and the amount of time I have to spend driving in the snow. I dislike the cold, but I love the way the yard looks covered in white. I dislike the ice, but it sparkles a lot and I do like shiny things. (My daughter says she does not have A.D.D. ... she has A.D.O.S. which means Attention Deficit OOOOH SHINY! I think she gets that from me.)

I'm sincerely debating whether to get out of bed and dig out the Christmas decorations and the tree from the basement, since I lack sufficient funds to buy a real tree this year. The other half of me is really enjoying staying in the warm, cozy bed with my sick husband while we watch football. It's kind of nice having nothing to do all day long, and it's such a rare occasion that I feel like embracing it.

This writing job could be the provision I've been praying for. In fact, I'm fairly certain that it is. She mentioned perhaps giving me an advance, and if she did that right now in December, there's a chance we could have a decent Christmas after all. Believe me, I'm not all materialistic or anything, it would just be really nice to finally be able to give everyone some nice things for Christmas one time. Every year I feel like I should apologize for the lack of coolness in our gift-giving. The only person I've even gotten a single thing for Christmas for yet is my cousin who is stationed in Korea, and that's only because I had to send it out by December 5th or it wouldn't make it there in time for Christmas!

I finished "Definitely Dead" this morning (well, probably afternoon). I'll be starting the next one later in the day, most likely. If I get the gumption to throw on my robe and wander into the office/library in the next room. We'll see.

My creative juices are not flowing much today either, so with my apologies I'll end this and hopefully have something interesting to report to you tomorrow.


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