Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weary Wednesday

I keep wanting to go to First Wednesday at our church, but Wednesdays are evil, evil days at work. It's the day I go in the earliest, it's usually the busiest, and by the end of the work day I'm wiped. I feel like vegging out, eating junk food, and watching television or sleeping. I wish that First Wednesday would be on a Tuesday or something, but that would be an inappropriate moniker, then.

I had a great discussion with my husband yesterday evening about my writing. He'd just read a couple of the newer short stories I had written and told me I should really think about immersing myself in the writing of a full-blown novel. (I took this as good news, because he's very honest, sometimes to a fault. If I sucked at writing, he would've quickly changed the subject and never mentioned me writing something novel-sized.) He's talking like, 400-500 pages. Intimidating idea. I'm not sure my brain functions well enough to detail my way through a 400-page story about anything. But I'm giving it some serious thought.

I've always wanted to write horror fiction, but every time I write anything, it becomes a story about a relationship. Friendship, marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever. I'm good at relationships. (Well, let me rephrase that -- I suck at relationships so badly that I've gotten a lot of good information over the years of what not to do). I'm not afraid to venture into another line of writing, I just don't quite know how or where to begin. I guess that's sort of scary. Back to intimidating, I mean. I'll have to give this all a lot more thought, and then figure out when in God's name I'd have time to write a novel. He suggests 20-30 minutes a day. It's a great idea, but sometimes I'm only creative for seven minutes a day and it's at a very inopportune time when I have no keyboard or paper handy. But, in forcing myself to write this blog as much as I have, I've gained insight into what/when works for me, and how often I can bank on having the ability to put down some thoughts on a weekly basis.

This bedroom is annoying. At night it is ridiculously hot, so I have to shut the vent. During the day, while the vent is off, it gets pretty cold, and when I'm in bed with the fans on, it's even colder.

I would like some food now. I continue forgetting to eat on a somewhat regular basis. I had coffee today, but no food. I had to stop and think about whether or not I had some kind of snacky, but I didn't. I have to think of something to scrounge up for dinner...

Taking a catnap right now (dognap, actually - shorter, less restful, and my bed is, in fact, full of small dog. He has separation anxiety. It's amazing how much space a 14-lb. animal can take up!)

Falling asleep,

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  1. Now that I think of it, a successful book (for me) always has something of a relationship to it, even if only the relationship of the book to/with the reader. A book (particularly fiction) that doesn't develop its relationships with realism is eventually wooden and boring.

    Food for thought. (and if you want to manage your weight don't wait the whole day to eat, loves...) ;)


    PS: Armistead Maupin just came out with the 8th book in his "Tales of the City" series, "Mary Ann in Autumn". If you haven't read this series, RUN RUN RUN to the library and start with the first one, "Tales of the City". I promise you you'll love it. (At least I think you will!)...