Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Weekend

Brace yourself for a real shock:

I went on a date with my husband.

I know, right!? It's been forever since all three kids were out of the house at the same time. The boys spent the night at a friend's house, and Aria went to a sleepover for her cousin's birthday, and we had the house all to ourselves.

We went to Stirred, Elkhart's premiere sushi and martini bar. I love saying that. It sounds so fancy. The truth is, we work at the coffee shop next door, and our owner owns the bar, too. So we dropped in at the art exhibition that was going on, then stepped into Stirred for ... well, martinis and sushi. I'm not a fan of sushi myself, but they have Cowboy Rolls which have practically raw beef inside, and a horseradish sauce over them. I could eat like, four rolls myself. Being that we are in a financial slump, but still wanted to have sort of a date, we ate there because we can write the food on our time card and just have it taken out of our next check. We rented Natural Born Killers on Blu-Ray, which I had never seen before (if you can believe it!)

This morning, I made steak and eggs for breakfast and we watched some Big Bang Theory. The kids called literally within one minute of each other to say they were coming home (and one needed a ride). The husband and I kissed each other goodbye. Who knows when the next time we'll see each other on a date will be?

Also, next time it happens, we might find somewhere for the dogs to stay for the night, too. They needed to go out around midnight, and at seven and nine in the morning.

I've spent a long time reading today, and finished yet another Sookie Stackhouse Novel, "Club Dead". There were a couple of shocking elements in this one, one of which upset me and one of which was quite thrilling. I'm looking forward to the next one, because Steve says I'll like it. He knows my taste pretty well when it comes to vampires. No pun intended. Okay, it was somewhat intended.

I really dislike daylight savings time. It's only 5:00 and the sun is going down, which is irritating. I'd be less irritated if they called it something like 'daylight wasting time'. How are we saving it? This just makes it more likely, as I work most of the day, that I'll never see the stinking daylight except for a little bit on the weekends.

On a bright note (hehe, that time I really did NOT intend the pun), I have nothing else to do this evening and can read, and read, and read some more! Plus, our daughter is making chocolate chip cookies... ahhhhhhh.


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  1. Oh how I love the cowboy rolls! I am going to crave them til I get one now, lol