Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Ode to Sleeping In

Rare are the joys that come to me from a morning of sleeping in. This weekend was fun, for the most part, but still exhausting. I thought I was going to drive to LaGrange to pick Aria up, but it turns out my sister-in-law is one of the most awesome people on the face of the planet and she's keeping her for a few extra hours and driving her to Goshen later, where we're going to celebrate my niece and other-awesome-sister-in-law's birthdays. My house is silent at the moment. Have I extolled the virtues of silence lately?


Wasn't that wonderful!?

After Friday's shot and BMV proceedings, Saturday brought good things. We went to the Notre Dame-Utah game. I don't dislike Notre Dame. I am in their corner completely, as long as they are not playing my team. The game was a pretty good one, though the weather left much to be desired. We were pretty wet and cold by the end of the first quarter. I found myself praying for no overtime. Zachary came with us and bought a ticket, but it turns out our friend had an extra ticket in addition to our two, so Zachary got to sit with us anyhow. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate after the game was over. Zachary drove part of the way there, and the rest of the way home. My muscles are sore from clinging for dear life onto the seat in fear, but honestly, he did a pretty good job. Definitely better at driving the automatic van than my stick-shift car. I still firmly believe he needs to learn to drive a manual transmission. They're cheaper, better on gas, and I personally feel I have more control over the way the car handles. Well, not so much anymore since it has 177,000 miles on it and will likely die any moment...

Aria spent the night at her cousin's house last night. It was a sleepover for her birthday, and that's where she remains this morning (see first paragraph about my awesome sister-in-law Beth). I slept until 10:40. My husband is holed up in his office reading, the dogs are sleeping, Michael is sleeping, and Zachary is at his church after working all night and sleeping for only an hour and a half. I don't know how he manages to drum on Sunday mornings. I really wish he'd go to church with us instead. There are plenty of music opportunities there, but I think he'd be learning a lot more of what it's like to be a Christian. Our church focuses on the loving-people aspect which is really what it's all about, anyway.

I'm about to grab some coffee and catch up on my devotional reading, my regular reading, and perhaps an early nap... or a hot bath... or a hot bath and an early nap. Oh, the possibilities are endless! I'm giddy with antici..................



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