Friday, November 12, 2010

Mulligan, please?

Have you ever had one of those days when, at the end of it, you just want a do-over? That's pretty much how today felt. I took Zach to work this morning, then went to work myself (which was long and exhausting). After a rush at 1pm to get out of there, I picked Zachary back up at work, came home to grab a bunch of necessary items, then traveled to Goshen with Zach and Aria. Aria was scheduled for two shots today, but ended up getting three at the health department. Then we went to the BMV so Zachary could take his test and get a new permit, but found out that he can actually schedule his driving test and get a license this month. He is floating on air. I did the banking, dropped Aria off at home and let Zach drive my car a little bit. It's a stick shift, and he's only driven one once before, so it was a little rocky at first, but he did a good job. I'm proud of him, but I'm frightened as well.

Frightened that he's growing up. That he's graduating this year. That he's turning eighteen in a couple of weeks. That he'll be going off to college. That he's even going to be behind the wheel of a car! That he can BUY a car! That he'll be driving a car with snow on the ground. I'm plagued by all of these things, and there's nothing I can do to stop them. Unless, perhaps, I cut off his legs. Then I guess a few things would be remedied. Hmm....

At any rate, I took the kids and pigged out at McDonald's in celebration for Zachary, and in pity for Aria and her aching arms. That third shot really hurt. I could tell the difference in her expression. The first two, no big deal. On the third one, she looked worse than when she'd gotten her ears pierced a few years back. I felt terrible for her because I know she really hates getting shots. But this is much better than the alternative. I keep telling her she'll thank me when she doesn't die of meningitis and/or diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis.

I just feel cranky, achy, tired, and uncomfortable. I want to start over at the beginning and try it with a better mindset.

I finished writing the short story/poetry book. I should have it up for sale within a week. I'm extremely excited about this, and can't wait to see what happens with it.

A rather boring, informational blog today, I know. For that, I apologize. I wish I were feeling more eloquent. I'm listening to "Juno" in the background, and Diablo Cody's writing just sort of drains me of any creativity.

I am so ridiculously sick of not being pregnant.


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