Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My day would be best described in a quote from the movie "Fight Club":

"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

Why, you ask? Because it would feel better than most of what I've been through today. Or, at least, it would get my mind off of it.

My day would best be described, hereafter, in bullet points:

*At work, approximately 467 people commented on my use of a Tom Brady jersey as my apparel. Approximately 466 of these comments were more than a bit negative. I hate Indiana.

*Freezing rain puts me in a foul mood every time. I hate Indiana.

*The BMV in Goshen failed to give me the print out of required articles for a driving test for my son when I scheduled it. I looked online to retrieve all proper articles for identification, SSN, proof of residence, etc. The key article necessary for taking a driving test at the BMV is to bring your own vehicle. This was not mentioned on the website. My son cannot drive a stick-shift yet, therefore my car was not a viable option. I hate Indiana.

*It's 4:48pm and I have to use my headlights. I hate Indiana.

On the plus side, I went to Burger King with my son, and he was in a much better mood after cashing his paycheck and purchasing the brand spankin' new Black Ops game for his XBox. I'll likely see him again sometime in December. Our other son has a job interview, which is also a plus.

I've reached a lull in the Sookie Stackhouse novels. This particular book (5?) is ... well, to put it delicately, it's Sucky. I shall hereafter refer to it as the Sucky Stackhouse novel.

Mainly, my goal for the day was to use 'hereafter' three times in my blog.

There we go.


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  1. I HAD to be your 40th Follower. When will I ever get the chance to be 40 again? I'll look forward to reading you blogs. Seems I am awake at 3am a lot lately. And you Definately do NOT look old enough to have a son trying to pass a driving test or have a son that has a job interview. Happy Thanksgiving.