Friday, November 19, 2010

Bbbrrr....r...r Sorry, My Lips Froze

I'm rather irritated with the weather. I enjoy autumn more than any other season, but it's getting closer to winter now and it's very cold outdoors. I don't like it when it's cold outdoors. If it's this cold, it might as well snow. I'm not a fan of snow; at least, not driving in it. Definitely not my son driving in it, which is what is likely going to happen since he has a driver's test scheduled for Wednesday next week. Is it wrong that part of me is secretly hoping he misses it by just a teensy, weentsy little bit? That he has to wait and take another driving test and that, maybe, just maybe, they don't have an opening until ... say, June next year? I'm not the happiest person on Earth that he's going to be driving at all. That he's even old enough to drive. He didn't stop getting older when he was 12, like I told him to. In fact, none of them listened to me when I said to knock it off, that whole 'getting older' thing. But it sends me into fits of panic, thinking about him driving on ice and snow. I realize he has to do it sometime. But why can't that be when he's 30?

Anyhow, it's cold.

I found out this week that one of my short stories is being published in a small local newspaper-like publication called The Good Neighbor News. My husband has been trying to get me to write for it. Unfortunately, I didn't get the hint because his way of communicating to me that he thought I should write for it was to sit the paper on my desk each month after he was done reading it. I would look at the paper, wonder why he left his stuff on my desk, and either put it back on his desk or throw it away. Once he finally mentioned to me that he thought I should write for it, I contacted the editor and sent her a writing sample. Sometime next month, "Christmas Memories" will be printed. Right there in black and white. I'm pretty psyched about this.

I finished reading the next Sookie Stackhouse novel, "Living Dead in Dallas". The books are an easy read, so it's a nice addition to my somewhat sporadic attempt to finish the 100 books I was planning to read this year. I keep thinking I can do it, then I get disgruntled, then I start writing a lot which is what the point was to begin with. I finished writing my book of short stories and poetry, I just need the cover art and then I'm putting it up on Kindle and Nook. I'll include a link as soon as that happens. Please donate to the cause of making me independently wealthy so I no longer have to slave away at a day job that has been gradually forcing me to lose faith in humanity.

Did I mention it's cold?

Though I have no good reason to be as sleepy as I am, since I did not see Harry Potter last night, I'm going to go snuggle up in bed and read and snooze for a little bit before tackling the rest of the day. Hope you have a nice weekend.


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  1. I enjoyed the Stackhouse novels, but I'm not giving up until you read Maupin's 'Tales of the City' books. XXOO....