Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hold Me Back

Seriously, I am so angry right now I could drive two hours and beat someone with a shovel, then get a Dunkin' Donuts coffee and drive back.

Our kids' stepdad thought it would be totally appropriate to respond to our son's post about Rocky Horror Picture Show by using the word "f*gg*t" which I will not even put the vowels into, because, to me, that's a worse word than the other 'f' word. (This was in reference to a character in Rocky Horror, not to our son. Had it been in reference to our son, I'm not sure I could be held responsible for my actions.) I could have written a book and posted it after his post, but I did tell him that it was inappropriate, that his vocal hatred of people whom God loved just as much as him disgusted me, that if he had a problem with that he could take it up with me or my husband, and that our son would be removing his post from Facebook the moment he came home from school. What I wanted to say was this:

What makes you, a man who has been fired from six jobs since I've known you, a man who has been kicked out of three churches, a Bible college for being a racist, and removed from a Youth Pastorship... what makes you think that you are better than anyone else on the entire planet? You have physically and emotionally abused our children and your own, you spout nothing but hatred all the time, and yet you dare to call yourself a Christian?! You are the quintessential poster boy for why people hate Christians! I will be the first to stand up on a platform and tell the entire world that I am a sinner, I fail every single day, so I'm not saying I'm better than even you... but how can you claim to be sinless, claim to be a follower of Christ, brag about how you don't watch television, tell everyone you encounter how they aren't Christians but you are, and then act like this? What makes you think that you have favor with God? What makes you think that Heaven is going to be filled with people like you? You're judgmental, condemning, and arrogant. You have no special powers, and you are not loved by God any more than any other man or woman, gay or straight, on this Earth!

I didn't say this. Not because I'm a coward. Believe me, if he calls or writes me personally I will tell him all of this. I didn't say it because I know what's appropriate and inappropriate to post on a kid's Facebook page! I am disgusted that this sort of hatred even exists, but moreso that it's close enough to our kids to have to be begrudgingly called a part of their family.

*Deep Breath*

I mean, seriously!? I just finished writing an entire book on hypocrisy. I should mail him a copy.

*Deep Breath*

HAS HE EVEN READ THE BIBLE!? Because that whole WHAT WOULD JESUS DO thing? Yeah, Jesus wouldn't hate gay people! Or ANY people! GAHHHHHHHHH!

*D E E P B R E A T H*

Okay. I'm fine. I'm going to go give my dog a bath.


I hate hate.



  1. We have a guy at work who's a member of a Oneness Pentecostal group. OMG... you just described him to a "T".

    Isn't it simply amazing how self-deluded people can become?...


  2. I cheered you on. I've had to bury a few well deserved rants myself, and it's quite annoying.

    You should try bathing the dog in some Bac-Out. It's nicely lime scented, and all natural. At least when they chew on themselves they'd release the lime-y scent all over your home :)
    "Pet Stains and Odors. Remove excess waste, spray directly on the stain until saturated. Let sit for 5 minutes or more. Blot with rag. Repeat process if necessary" Doesn't say anywhere not to use directly on the actual animal. HA! Ok now, nobody send me hate mail for animal abuse... kidding!

  3. @Lauren, thank you!
    @Bill - ugh, I could write a book. Oh wait, I did. Haha!
    @Andie - I'm calling PETA. *rofl*