Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to the Grind (Literally)

Haha. It's funny because I work at the Daily Grind. Haha. Okay, not that funny. I remained in high spirits throughout the day! *Hooray!* Perhaps one day on and two weeks off would be good...

Normally I help Steve with the rest of his shopping after I clock out, but I had a TON of stuff to get accomplished today and I'm fairly certain I did it all. At least, all that was possible. I went to two banks, did banking for three people, went to the Dollar Store to buy mailers for some stuff I had to send out, went to the post office, wrote out the mortgage check for our other property and mailed all my stuff to my peeps, checked in at the BioLife Plasma donation place to get set up with an appointment, which they gave me information for and let me do online. I vacuumed the whole house which was once again filled with dog hair, went to Kroger because I had four coupons for totally free stuff with no strings attached (Oreos, potato chips, and two boxes of cereal! $13.00 worth of free stuff!) and I've started making dinner. Simple tonight, just grilled hot dogs and seasoned french fries, maybe some corn. The boys both have show choir this evening, and Steve's off doing his reading, so it's just going to be Aria and myself for who-knows-how-long.

My next project is to seriously start working on the basement. I want to paint it with waterproof paint and then a nice shade all over, and work on getting some carpet throughout. After that, we can worry about the walls I want put up. At least that will bring some life into the place. A nice bright, or light, color. I'm sick of it being basement-y and I'm sure the boys, who have their bedrooms down there, are pretty sick of it, too!

I got up early (for me) this morning and did my devotions and reading before work, showered, and dropped Zachary off at his job, then went in to work. Everyone was pleasant and asked about our trip. I should pass out the website address so people can just read about it! It's hard to tell 9 days worth of stories in between customers, that's for sure!

Everyone's having birthdays this week. My friend Kelly was the 3rd, Christy is the 6th, my sister Jen is the 7th, Scott is the 8th, and my sister Savannah is the 9th! I might go broke just buying cards! That's why Facebook is good (yeah, I said it)... I can wish people happy birthday there and save $3.99!!! Sorry, Hallmark!

Well, I should go check on the grill. I love, love, LOVE grilled food! Hoping for a nice, relaxing night!


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