Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's hot outside. It's cold in my house. If I'm outside, it's too hot. If I'm inside, it's too cold. There has got, GOT, G O T to be a happy medium somewhere, people. I don't touch the thermostat. I used to. Then there would be the 'Great Thermostat War of 2006' or 'Thermostat WWF 2009', so I gave up. Now I have to layer myself and go with the flow.

Speaking of flow, I think my friend Marla had a good idea when she decided to start donating plasma. It's $400/month. I can go through a little pain and inconvenience for half my mortgage each month. And that'll pay the car payment that I'll have to have when my Saturn finally goes off the deep end. I want one of those little beep-beep cars that look fake, like the one Steve Martin had in Pink Panther. You know, the kind that look like if you put a penny in the back it'd do a wheelie, or spin in circles? Sooo cute. And great gas mileage from what I hear.

Our trip to Ann Arbor was pretty good, all told. Aria got the most enjoyment out of it, I think. She took approximately 42,375 pictures of the campus (or, I should say, we took them... of her with things, on things, next to things, poking things...) I'm sure they're all on her Facebook. I'm sure glad she likes the new digital camera we got for her. We did eat at Blimpy Burger (I had a triple with mushroom, bacon, bleu and cheddar cheese and a truckload of ketchup) and Stucchi's Ice Cream (I had french silk and cake batter).

I've just started the audiobook of "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" which is already pretty funny. I needed something mentally stimulating and witty at the same time. Believe me, "Plain and Fancy" and "Never Say Diet" were NOT. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

That's about it for now, brown cow. I'm getting ready to make Chinese food for dinner, and I am so hungry I can already taste it!


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