Thursday, August 19, 2010


I like Thursdays. Even when I have a house to clean, I still like Thursdays. It never did catch on to being my 'mental health day' the way I wanted it to, but I do get a few things accomplished, even if it's a little extra sleep.

Today was the kids' first day of school. Zachary's been working hard -- he gets up about 6:15am and rides his bike to work a couple of miles, and now he'll ride back home, shower up and go to school after that because he has work experience all morning. He's saving up to buy a car which he should be able to afford in a month or two. Senior year. Ugh. I saw Michael and Aria before school today and gave them lunch money for the week, and saw Zach between work/school and gave him a ride back up to the school so he didn't have to ride his bike again. A big part of me misses going to class. Not so much high school, but college. There is so much more I would like to learn and study. If I ever get a chance, I'd like to get my Master's degree. MFA in Creative Writing would allow me to teach at the University level, which is really the only place I'd be interested in teaching. Periodically I think I'd like to teach high school, or even elementary, but... my heart's just not there. I love campus life. I'm excited for Zachary next year, wherever he decides to go. If I never go back, I can still live vicariously through the kids!

The water softener guys are supposed to come install a new one for us today sometime after 11:00, but I haven't heard from them since last night. I'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later so that it's done by the time Steve and the kids get home. I have roller derby tonight, too. I would like to get some groceries as well, but I'm not sure that's going to happen today. I might have to wait until this weekend.

More audio book today, but that's about all. I have to get this house cleaned up. My dog continues to shed like there's no tomorrow. I guess it's the "in" thing to do with huskies. All the other snow dogs are doing it. I should stuff pillows with the fur and sell them. I'd make millions.

Clean. Clean. Clean.


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  1. Don't stuff with it, use it to get your knit-on!