Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My blog says this is the ninetieth post I've put up. Ninetieth doesn't look like it's spelled right, but it totally is. This would be quite an accomplishment for me if this were, in fact, the ninetieth day of the year, but it's not. So I'm not feeling as jazzed about it as I would if it were April.

Work went pretty quickly today, and then a little before 1:00 pm my friend Andie came in with her twin boys, which is awesome because I got off at 1:00 pm and we all went for a walk. It was beautiful outside, nearly perfect weather, and our friend Ashley joined us with her little girl as well before I had to leave. It's nice to have a bit of downtime and enjoy the few female friends I have around this area. Tonight we're going to my best friend Amberly's house to have dinner, and our friend Amy is here from Arizona. The plethora of proper nouns in this paragraph that begin with the letter "A" is perplexing. (Yes, the "P"s were on purpose.)

I've listened to a bit more of the Truman Capote novel "Summer Crossing" (or novella, perhaps... it's pretty short). I'm still enjoying it. The language is so beautifully crafted. I wonder if everything he's written is like this linguistically. I'll have to look into that. I'm rather appalled at myself for having gotten 33 years into my life without having read anything by Capote. Nor have I seen the movie. It looks interesting, but I have to say... I am *not* a Philip Seymour Hoffman fan. He sort of makes my skin crawl. I think I dislike him for the same reason I dislike Mary-Louise Parker. They sound the same in everything they are in. They can play different characters, give different facial expressions, but they have this tell-tale nasal, apathetic tone to their voice that makes me want to root my eardrums out with a letter opener when they're done. I think this is why I haven't watched Weeds yet. No, I KNOW it's why I haven't watched Weeds yet. It's disturbing because lately, she's becoming like Michael Caine -- she's in EVERYTHING! And there's even a Mary-Louise Parker knock-off -- that girl in the first season of Mad Men that Jon Hamm's character is having an affair with? (I know, that doesn't really narrow it down much...) I don't like her, either. And with this girl, it's like... the generic version of M-LP. Not only do I not like you, you're not even being paid well for me to not like you.

My house is so silent right now I'm beginning to wonder if my family was abducted by aliens and/or the rapture occurred and I was, predictably, left behind. There are clothes on the floor in the bedroom... although, there are always clothes on the floor in the bedroom.*

The bad part about blogging on a daily basis is... my life really isn't all that interesting, and it becomes more obvious to me.


(*Please note that this is in jest. In the event of any rapture, I do not believe people will float away and/or disappear with clothing lying behind. I'm pretty sure we'll all be aware of it if it occurs. This was, however, a fun joke at my church school in 6-8th grade. Whenever we couldn't find someone, we'd just say "rapture" and go on about our business, then giggle.)

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