Friday, August 13, 2010


"It's a dry heat". Those are some of my favorite words in the English language. People who say them really know what they are talking about. I honestly do not mind if it's 117 degrees as long as their is a lack of humidity. But, we live in Indiana. Therefore, even when it's just in the 90s I still feel like there is a 400-lb-sweaty-hog sitting on my chest. Not a pretty picture. And definitely not a pretty feeling. Even inside with the air conditioning, I can still feel the oppressive heat.

Tomorrow we are finally going to the World Pulse Festival. We've been talking about taking the kids the last several years, and for one reason or another, each year we're unable to make it on that particular date. This year, it's finally going to happen. Knock on wood. We're taking Aria and her friend Mikayla, and Michael and perhaps his friends Kevin and Chris. Zach can't make it because he has to play for the Middlebury Summer Festival downtown and work one of the booths, too. Savannah wants to go, but I'm not sure she'll be up for it after getting back from laser tag around 3am! We'll see if I can get her awake when she needs to be!

Today was a rough day. I worked until 11am, and then a couple of our friends came in and worked for us so Steve and I could leave early, shower and change, and go to Johnny's funeral. It started at two, and when we got there at twenty after one, it was over half full already. The impact that Johnny had on the community is nothing short of incredible. The words we heard today only showed what kind of a man he was: honorable, loving, patient, kind, and a true child of God. His brother Jimmy got up and said some words on behalf of all of the brothers, and it was so touching to hear him honor his older brother. Our cousin Annette read some words that Johnny's mom, Ginger, had to say as well -- about whatever trait we had admired in Johnny the most, we should incorporate that into our own life not only as a tribute to him, but to make the community a better place as well. What an incredible family, and room full of friends and loved ones. Johnny is gone from this Earth, but he is far from forgotten and he will live in our hearts and our memories every day of our lives. Please continue to pray for his wife Pam, their kids Jake and Quinn, his parents John and Ginger, and his brothers Jimmy, Danny, and David.

I got to have a nice long chat with my brother today. I really enjoy dishing about movies with him. We don't always have the same taste, but it's fun to bounce ideas back and forth and listen to what the other has to say.

I had a great talk with my daughter yesterday while we were cleaning the house, about how God made everyone differently and how no matter who you are, what you've done, or how you act you are not looked upon as less or more than anyone else in the eyes of God. It's pretty neat, to me, that she is so young and has already learned that. I told her the less judgmental she is, the more loving she can be and the more lives she can touch over her years.

My tummy hurts. :( I ate a lot at the luncheon after the funeral. I had a ham and cheese and potato chip sandwich, beans, cheesy potatoes, two chicken wings, a piece of chocolate cake that was fantastic, two cookie bars, and a bottled water. I might not eat for the rest of the night. Seriously. And maybe not tomorrow.

My sleepiness is getting the best of me. I think I'm going to crawl in a hot bath and read more of the latest book I'm working on, which is called "Plain Secrets" and is about an English man who befriends an Amish family in Ohio (true story, only the names have been changed). I can't remember who wrote it, so I'll update you on it next time when I look again. I'm about halfway through it.

Have a good weekend in case I don't get back on here soon, and remember to honor Johnny's memory in any way you can by showing someone some love today.


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