Monday, July 26, 2010

A Month and A Half

A monster-sized sigh coming at you right now. I know that there are probably very few out there who, in reality, give a darn about the frequency of my blogs. I am certain I think about it more than anyone else. But for those of you who actually check, I appreciate you more than you can fathom. I sincerely apologize that a) it has been a month and a half since I've written anything at all and b) I have no idea how long it might be until there is another post.

I am involved very deeply with RENT at South Bend Civic as perhaps one of my prior posts might have mentioned at some point. (Yes, that was sarcasm. I think I mentioned it like, 8 trillion times.) I was cast as Maureen Johnson, the "delightfully spunky 20s Cult Hero" of the show. A big shout out to David Case, my director, who looked at this 33-year-old woman and saw Maureen Johnson. Seriously, you're crazy but I adore you. I'm still waiting for Marcia's review... *hint*, Marcia!

The show has been a wild ride of emotion and exhaustion, not necessarily in that order. Rarely have I seen my family (those that live with me as well as those that are in other households), but I do believe that they all understand how important this is to me and for that I am grateful. I cannot remember the last time I actually cooked a meal for my family -- the closest I got to cooking was the Peasant Feast we hosted at our house a couple of weeks ago, and that was for the cast. We did get the benefits of some amazing leftovers, though, so at least our kids haven't been starving.

I am reading a bit -- albeit a very teeny, tiny bit -- in the dressing room before the show and in the bathtub when I have a few minutes to myself. This one is a book I borrowed from Jeremy who works upstairs from the coffee shop where I work. It's called "Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus -- how the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith". Or something long like that. It's quite good so far, and I'm glad he let me borrow it. I'm only about five or six chapters in. More on that in the future (likely way after I've finished it, and the show.) I'm thinking of picking up audiobooks again since I'm more likely to listen in my car on the way to work than sit and read at night.

I'd also like to say, before I leave you with this short post, that I love my husband for many reasons, some of which are simply that he withstands all my anxieties and quirks and hasn't killed me yet.

More... eventually.