Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The English Language

I majored in English in college with the intention of becoming a writer "when I grew up". Which I refuse to do. The growing up part, not the writing. But I find myself constantly editing. Not editing in the sense of, "Hey, that wasn't a complete sentence" or "You just ended that line with a preposition" but editing along the lines of "Doesn't anyone know how to use an apostrophe anymore!?"

For instance:

Christmas Tree's for sale (The tree is not possessing something, nor is this a contraction, therefore no apostrophe is necessary.)
I was born in the 1970's (Same thing with the decade.)

These things irritate me. Begrudgingly, I will admit that they probably irritate me more than they should. But not as much as the lack of appropriate spelling on billboards designed to entice me to pay to have my child go to your private school.

For instance:

Enrolment is happening now! (Two ls, please. Then I might consider my kid joining up.)
Kindegarten starts in three days (Even if it's borrowed from another language, take the time to spell it correctly.)

I am, myself, annoyed at some of the rules of spelling and grammar in the English language. However, I feel they should be followed so there is some semblance of order. K should not be substituted for C just because they make the same sounds. (Kampgrounds of America) Think of what would happen if the Campus Crusade for Christ did that. They wouldn't be the CCC anymore, would they? Don't spell something like it sounds just because you are lazy. (Kuntry Kitchen, Lite Brite).

And, for the love of God, texting is TEXTING. You should not use text language in real life. LOL is not a word you say. It is an acronym. If you don't know what an acronym is, you shouldn't be using them.

(Believe me, those are just the things that are irritating me AT THIS MOMENT! There are plenty more where that came from.

(Also, I personally believe that if you cannot SPELL 'restaurant' you should not own a restaurant. I'm just saying.)

No, I do not find myself superior to anyone. EVER. I just get annoyed that we live in America, and the majority of Americans can't agree on how to speak or write. Seriously, my grammar checker is going crazy because of all the stuff I typed up there -- if the computer can detect it, it would behoove you to figure out WHY the computer is rejecting it!

Okay, my lasagna is done because my oven is beeping. (Notice I didn't say 'luhzonya' or 'omg, brb, noodlz r dun'.)

Have a grammatically correct day,


  1. LOLZ ur getin 2 old mrs andy rooney. u prolly dont lik kidz onn ur 1awn eyether!

  2. I love all the names these days with apostrophe's (heh heh) and hyphen's (squared) and what-not.

    I will draw the Kurtain of Chair-ity over the rest of my remarks. (3rd time's a charm.)