Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well, It's About Time!

I know it's no excuse, but I have truly been ridiculously busy lately. It's my own fault, of course -- it almost always is -- but I'm happy right now, so at least I've got that going for me. I just got a callback for RENT which I auditioned for last night. I'm dying to play the part of Maureen (in fact, on the back of my audition slip I wrote "*Will cut off left leg to play Maureen*". I hope he doesn't call me on that one.) My rollerderby wound is healing nicely, after about two weeks. And I've written and submitted two stories now to Guideposts Magazine. It says that it takes at least two months to hear back from them. I figure if I write once a week then after two months I'll start getting feedback once a week and hopefully, somewhere along the line, it will pay off.

Yeah, I'm reading. No, not a lot. I still haven't finished "Let The Right One In", but I've started "RANT" by Chuck Palanhiuk. Palanihuk. Palhaniuk. The guy who wrote "Fight Club". I think he's awesome. I absolutely love his writing style and his warped, warped mind. Plus, while I'm auditioning for RENT and reading RANT, I thought it might be fun to adopt a RUNT puppy. But I'll probably just eat some Runts, that'll be a lot easier overall.

Other than working, auditioning, skating, sweating, driving, writing, cleaning, eating, and sleeping, I have no life right now.

Both my daughter and my sister started their own blogs, of which I have become a follower. Check out Savannah's Blog or Aria's Blog!

Have a lovely day,


  1. I have been enjoying Jim Grimsley lately. "Kirith Kirin" is a revelation, and his follow up blend of sci-fi/fantasy "The Ordinary", is an interesting exercise in blending (possible) future reality and the fantasy world he so lovingly created.

    In a completely different genre, he writes fiction with a Southern US type flavor. I read his first novel, "Winter Birds", in one evening and it's fair to say it's devastatingly haunting.

    Highly recommend Mr. Grimsley!!!