Thursday, May 13, 2010


The title sounds like something completely different from what I'll actually be writing about.

I finally submitted an article. I got up early (well, that's a relative term I guess) and brewed some coffee, sat down at the computer, and found the submission guidelines for Guideposts Magazine which are surprisingly simple and online, which is fantastic for me. My journal in hand, I took an entry that I had thrown together last week at some point, and used it as the basis for an article, adding quite a bit to it, of course. The result: a finished piece of work SUBMITTED! Ya see that? I set a goal, I woke up, I accomplished it.

Now I can go back to sleep, right?

Nah, I'm not even really tired. I do need to finish my coffee and brush my teeth, though. I cannot stand having unbrushed teeth. I'm one of those people who should probably just carry a toothbrush everywhere with me and brush ten times a day. I have some housecleaning to do as well, and I suppose now that I have an accomplishment under my belt for the day, I should get out of this robe.

I finished reading the Bob Newhart memoir last night. It was just all right, nothing spectacular. What's funny is, after reading the whole thing, there's a blurb written by the editor or someone else at the very end that sort of gives a synopsis of Bob Newhart's life. I thought that was somewhat ridiculous -- I just read an entire book about his life, so whatever you're telling me, I already knew. At least you could've told me at the beginning of the novel, or on the back or something!

It's a dreary day outside. Damp and dark. Usually I like to do nothing but sleep on days like this, but not today. I should be tired, by all rights - I didn't go to bed last night until almost 1:00am for some reason. But I'm wide awake. I'd better get off of here and use this alertness to my advantage!

Derby tonight, yay!


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