Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm asking everyone to pass this on and pray with all of your might. My cousin Johnny, "The Toad", has been fighting cancer for quite awhile now. This is the worst news yet, and we need some serious prayers. Here is her blog from today:

A post from the Toad's Wife:

Monday, May 3, 2010
Sorry, I won't be able to post much right now.

News from the CT is bad. Liver is worsening, despite both regimens of chemo. Cancer has traveled outside the liver to the mediastinal lymph nodes (lower chest) and in the upper abdomen.

Dr. Ansari is giving Johnny his regular chemo regimen today, and adding Avastin. He will evaluate our options and give us an updated plan in two weeks. We may be looking at experimental options next. Radiation isn't an option. Additional surgery isn't an option.

Heaven help us. Please.


I can't ask for more than that. Pray. Pray, and then pray. PLEASE.


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  1. everyone here is praying of course...
    hope things get better...
    wish they would