Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day... Paradeless

It's been a pretty relaxing couple of days. Steve let me stay in bed all day yesterday and he brought me coffee and doughnuts in the morning and made me a turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup for lunch. I needed the rest -- I have been feeling like poo lately. (Not Winnie-The. Just regular poo.) I've been coughing non-stop for over a week, and it's gotten worse the last few days. Today, the weather was lousy and the day turned out to be lousy as well. The boys' parades were both canceled, and our lunch guests canceled, too. But maybe I'll get some nice, hot bubble bath and reading time out of it in the end. I did get some lovely grilled brats and chicken compliments of my husband (who will grill at home, but not cook). I made corn on the cob, bought watermelon, had chips and dip, and made baked redskin potatoes with cheddar cheese, and got some ice cream sandwiches for dessert. I wish this weather would stop its stinkiness, though.

My cousin Charlene left for boot camp for the Army today. I am proud of her on one hand, but very anxious for her on the other hand. She is so young, and there is so much she is not yet aware of in the world. I'm hoping this will be a good experience for her and will help her in the long run. Please keep her in your prayers.

I got the part I auditioned for in RENT, "Maureen", which blows my mind. I could not fathom actually getting this role. I knew how much I wanted it, tried my hardest to get it, but didn't really picture a scenario in which it would happen. This will be the most difficult role I've ever had, but the most important one at the same time. For me, the lessons behind the story of RENT are everything I believe in: standing up for yourself and your beliefs regardless of how unpopular the truth might be, never standing in judgment of anyone else, and, above all, standing on unconditional love as the unbreakable foundation of life. How are you going to spend your next 525,600 minutes? I'm thankful to be spending them with my husband and my children, my family and friends, and with whoever else God wants in the mix.

I finally finished "Let The Right One In" and now I can't wait to see the movie!

A big, strong THANK YOU to all of the men and women out there who have fought for, died for, or are in the midst of fighting for our country. We couldn't do any of what we do everyday without them.



  1. Maureen!!!!!!!!!!! When is the show?


  2. Last two weeks of July and first week of August at South Bend Civic Theatre ( I think). SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)