Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I spent the last three days fasting and praying, detoxifying my body and my mind. I've tried to talk as little as possible and to listen as much as possible. I don't like many of my actions and reactions, and I thought that perhaps I could gain some clarity. It worked. Nothing profound, just a little step up from where I was before.

I've been reading more -- three books in the last week, which I added to the list. I started and finished "Simplify Your Life" which was 100 small chapters on ways to make life easier. Some of them were helpful, but most of them weren't. It was written from the perspective of a yuppie from the 80s, written in the early 90s, and was probably very useful to extremely rich people who had maids to get rid of, chauffers to get rid of, day planners that had power lunches on them, etc. There was even a chapter on car phones. CAR phones, for goodness' sake. The next, "Bridges of Madison County" was one I just flew through, not because it was fantastic but because it was an easy read and it was a nice day out. It was pretty predictable, even though I've never seen the movie. It didn't really do anything for me. It could have been less than a paragraph long: Once upon a time, a stranger came into town in an old pickup truck, took a lot of photographs of some old bridges, had a four-day affair with a bored housewife, and she decided to stay with her family and never saw him again, but they loved each other forever. The End. See? Once sentence and an ending page. Hope I didn't give anything away. The last book was "Monster" by Christopher Pike, who I thought was the world's greatest author when I was in high school. Not so much. At least, this wasn't one of his better works and/or I'm a bit more mature than I was in high school. (Those of you who knew me from high school and still know me now are probably doubtful about that last sentence.)

That's about it -- probably getting a new air conditioner in the next couple of weeks because it's going to be hot, and ours is shot. (No, this is not a lame attempt at poetry, just a coincidence.)

Off to take the boys to Glee Club. Then to read a bit... yay!



  1. We lucked out with our house we have already been retrofitted for central air. Unfortunatly they knocked out a load-bearing wall to do it and the floor sinks a little now. But the air is worth it. =)

  2. Yeah -- it's going to get pretty hot this year. The inside of our house is usually an arctic tundra in the summer. I've had polar bears knocking in the middle of the night asking to move in because our house is colder than theirs. So the new one might bring more wildlife. Penguins, perhaps? They take up less space than the polar bears.