Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

I've got to have a margarita at some point today, even after my three day detox, because it's Cinco De Mayo and I can't imagine not celebrating somehow. (Not that I have any major ties to anyone who really cares about Cinco De Mayo, but it's like going to Mardi Gras and receiving beads -- you just have to do it, at least once.)

Shh! Can you hear that? What, you hear nothing? THAT'S RIGHT! No one is home but me (well, the dogs, but they don't count. One's sleeping and one's wandering around.) Perfect time to write for a few minutes.

Please continue to pray for my cousin Johnny. Rough times right now, and he can use all the prayers he can get. His wife and kids, too. This is hard on everyone.

On another note, here is a question I was asked today and expected to answer with a straight face:

LADY: "What's in that butternut squash & apple soup? Is it apple and butternut squash?"

ME: (uncertain that I understood the question) "...Yes."

LADY: "OH! Okay. I'll have a bowl of that, then."

True story.

The sky is threatening to drop little rain bombs on me. The weather outside right now is perfect. Breezy and warm. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm but not in the middle of the night, because of the little dog who will sit directly next to my face or on my chest and shiver all night long. He must've seen me writing about him -- now he's attempting to get my attention by throwing himself at the floor and rolling over and over, back and forth, in rapid succession. Or else he's just trying to scratch his back. Nope, he's looking at me while he does it. Big dog is still in a dead sleep three inches away from him. She sleeps through pretty much anything except if you touch her tail. Thunderstorms, fine. Kids opening and closing the bathroom door next to our bedroom, zzz. Herd of zebras, no problem. Touch the end of her tail and it's like you lit her on fire. She jumps up, growls, and pulls away, circles twice and lays down elsewhere, her eyes glaring at you with vengeance.

I'm about halfway through "Let The Right One In", still. I took a mini-break to read those other ones on the weekend because they're faster and I only had time to read in short spurts. This one is still good. I haven't been back to the library for another audio book lately. I should do that this weekend. I've been enjoying my satellite radio. I figure if I'm paying for it each month, I should be listening to it, too. Otherwise it's like having a gym membership and never going to the gym. (Guilty of that one, too, from time to time.) This is the first time I'm not reading three books at the same time. I guess reading three in a row counts for something, but I'm still not caught up to where I'd like to be. I have this fear that it'll be the end of November and I'll only have read 60 books, and then I'll have to take December off of work so I can read the last 40. I WILL FINISH MY GOAL! It's hard for me to remain diligent in most of the goals I set for myself, so even though this one isn't one that particularly matters in the grand scheme of things, it's one I'm forcing myself to do no matter what so that at least I can say I accomplished it. If for not other reason, than for my own satisfaction. Maybe next year I'll watch a movie a night with my husband all year long... 365 movies? Hmm. That's kind of cool. It'll make him happy because he loves to watch movies, and it'll make me happy because I love him and it'll make you happy because most people are more likely to be interested in movie blogs as opposed to book blogs. I'm sure there's research to back that up. Somewhere.

Ooh, and I can take up crocheting again when I'm watching movies! Blankets for Christmas, everyone! And for everyone else out there who is able to procreate, baby blankets!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

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