Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Good Burn

The muscles in my hips and thighs and rear are just now starting to return to normal feeling. They went through a period of numbness after my first derby practice, then a sort of Jello-like feeling, then two days of fairly mean pain, and today it's sort of a good burn but much more human than the least few days. I think if I stretch a lot this week and do some walking and a lot of squats, I will be able to return on Thursday night refreshed and ready for more.

I cannot tell you how much I loved it. Even though we're not beating each other up yet, and we're all getting along and learning together, it was great exercise and it made me even more excited about the future. And I can tell you that, from the luck that I normally carry, now that I'm invested in this and really excited about it, I'll immediately get pregnant and not be able to do it. So, at least it's a win-win.

We went to the Notre Dame Blue-Gold game yesterday. I was rooting for the blue side so I could scream "GO BLUE" amidst an array of ND fans and not get my mouth busted open. My friend Lisa did give me some eye-narrowing doomsday glances, but I told her that she knew full well if she came to see a Michigan game for me and there were a player with the last name "Irish", she would be screaming "Go Irish" the whole time. She conceded that argument and I hollered, "GO BLUE!" once again. I noticed a small narrowing of her eyes this time, but with only a hint of the original ire.

I called my dad five times before the game started to convince him to come join us which he finally did, and then we took him out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's our oldest son's favorite restaurant, and I have to say, their Asian Zing wings are to die for. I can't remember how many I ate, but I consumed more bleu cheese dressing in one sitting than I think I ever have before in my life. It's hard to make myself stop. There's a point at which I know I'm full, I can admit that I'm full, I have no doubt that I am full, and yet I eat three or four more wings because of the happy sweet spicy festival they bring to my taste buds. By then, the traffic had cleared out and we dropped him back at his truck in the parking field and parted ways. Too bad mom was busy, she could've had free wings, too -- see, woman? Answer when I call :)

Last night we watched "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges. It was much better than I thought it was going to be. I'm a fan of older-sounding country music, so even though the songs were all new, it was a style that I liked. I enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind watching it again sometime. We also had finished the second season of "Ally McBeal" so we started on the third last night, too, but by the end of the episode I had fallen asleep.

Today, I am still in my robe and I'm not sure I plan to get out of it at any point. There is nothing pressing to do, I can watch church online if I feel like it, the laundry is basically done, the house is still pretty clean from Thursday, so I can just sit and read and write all day. The sky is threatening to storm, but the thunder has stopped so at least the little dog isn't throwing a hissy fit like he was a couple of hours ago. I'm not sure what dogs think of vacuum cleaners and thunderstorms, but I suppose if you stand a foot high and weigh 14 pounds, those things are a bit more intimidating than they are for humans. My patience only goes so far with him and his stormy shenanigans, though. He was walking across my chest while I was trying to read this morning. A claw to certain parts of the anatomy is enough to launch a min-pin across a bedroom, let me tell you. He got lucky today. Some days he'd be better off with wings.

(MMM. Wings. Sorry, I got distracted.)

Off to the reading and writing process. Hope everyone has as restful and quiet a day as I am anticipating having myself.


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