Friday, April 9, 2010

It's April. Snow? Really!?

So there wasn't any today, but I saw it yesterday and as beautiful as the sunshine might be on this fabulous Friday, it's still bitter cold outside. And a little bit inside, too, I must say. But that's because I left my fuzzy Michigan blankie in the office. (P.S., the spell-checker does not like blanky or blankie, so I chose the -ie version because that's how I spell Stephie.)

It's kind of a big weekend. Today seemed like a long day -- I dropped the boys off at a friend's house this morning because they were on FOX 28 news performing live for the Elkhart Glee Club. I'm very excited for them because this is such an incredible opportunity. The community has been very supportive of the Glee Club, and I'm so glad both of our sons are a part of it. They have a concert tomorrow night at 8pm in downtown Goshen at the Goshen Theatre (808 church) which should be a lot of fun, for all who can attend. For those who cannot attend... well, nah-nah, we'll have fun and you won't. Then we're hanging out with Marla and Anson who are super-cool at their place. Party! Do-do-doooh! (As an afterthought, there are maybe three people that will get the party reference -- if you are not one of the three, I used to have a $60 Furby named Lola that said that phrase all the time ... "Party! Do-do-dooooh!" R.I.P. Lola. Don't ask.)

Sunday we actually have to go into work (which is closed on Sundays) to take care of a catering, and then we have tickets to see Billy Elliot making it's Chicago Broadway Debut, so we'll be traveling there and back. I'm hoping to get something good to eat beforehand -- last time we ate at Subway in Chicago before seeing Steve Martin. I couldn't reconcile the two things in my mind. Steve Martin was for me (a present from my husband) and Subway was for the husband, so this time Billy Elliot is for the husband and I'm going to eat somewhere that I can't eat anywhere BUT Chicago.

Stephen King is still inspiring me with his book, and I will not allow his outlook on adverbs to adversely (adverb) affect the way I feel about him. I've found that you don't always have to agree with someone to love them. Otherwise, I definitely would not be married. To anyone. King is saying quite a bit that I do agree with, however, and I find myself wishing I could sit beside him and ask questions. I want to find some nice, quiet place and just write for two weeks straight and do nothing else. It will probably take me a good three days of that just to shake off the rest of the world, two more days to think of something to write about, another three to process in my head how I want it to start, proceed, and a vague idea of how I'd like to see it end. How long does that leave me to write? Less than a week. Hmm. I also forgot about eating and sleeping. Maybe four days of actual writing? I do have a tendency to lose focus and wander. Two days, perhaps. I guess I need three weeks, but my innate ability to procrastinate just the right amount will probably still leave me with two days to write even if I went away for a month. Sad little person, aren't I?

Michael is making a smoothie. Even at home, I cannot escape the sounds of work...

Time for that nice hot bath I was dreaming of while driving. They always opine about the dangers of drinking and driving, talking on a cell phone and driving, eating a Big Mac and driving... no one ever really points out that dreaming and driving isn't a good idea, either. Especially if it's sleep-dreaming and driving. I've actually done that before. With three other adults in the car who were sleeping. Imagine that scene from National Lampoon's Vacation where everyone's asleep including Chevy Chase. It was kind of like that, but in a more Sci-Fi way. Now I have to tell you the story before I go.

I was taking second shift driving back from a Five-For-Fighting/Vertical Horizon concert in Chicago with my ex-husband (who had yet to become my husband at that point) and our two friends Graham and Rebekah. The car was quiet except for the radio, but my ears were pretty blown out from the concert we'd just attended so everything had that dull, ringing edge to it. I was in a foul mood, likely because said ex-husband raised my ire in some way because he thought the music was too loud and/or there were too many people there, so I was kind of happy everyone else was asleep. I drove. I listened to whatever was on the radio that sounded a lot more quiet than it probably was. The edges of my eyesight became faded and got darker and darker, until I realized I was driving through a massive cloud of tiny insects. They were swarming, at 3am, on all sides of the vehicle. Now, this was fine until one of them enlarged, looked directly at me, and flew around to the front of the windshield with its beaming yellow laser eyes that were aimed directly at my forehead. It began a high-pitched whine much like that of a dying radiator, and then the rest of the swarming insects flew, Pied-Piper-Style, into marching lines behind it, all beginning their incessant whining in cadence with his. At once, it occurred to me they were going to crack through the front windshield with the force of all their weight and the speed they were going -- and how in the heck were they flying 80 miles per hour and still staying directly in front of my moving vehicle??? I awoke with a small scream, thanked God for safety and the ability of my car full of friends to sleep through a near-death experience, pulled over to the side of the road and sheepishly asked Graham to take over.

True story. Shh. Don't tell Graham or Rebekah or Chris, please. Thank you.


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