Friday, April 16, 2010

Fantastic Friday

What's so fantastic about it, you might ask? I have nothing pressing to do. Yes, I've come to that point in my life where I don't look forward to excitement -- I look forward to rest. I did have a good time at karaoke last night, although the greasy basket of fries decided it didn't agree with my belly right around 12:35 in the morning. I sent the Tums in to work as liaisons, but the fries said, "Nope. We're not having any reconciliation." And then there was an uprising.

(Jovial valley girl voice: "Don't you love how I totally just told you I puked and you didn't even notice!?")

Needless to say, waking up for work didn't agree with me much, either. I finally started to feel a little normal (well, for me) around 11:00 this morning. After a cup of coffee and three Advil.

I finished the Stephen King book, "On Writing" today in the bank parking lot. (Payday... yay! Now I can be less in debt!) He finished the portion on helping out young writers about halfway into the last disc, and then spent the rest of it giving a play-by-play of the van accident several years back. In case you've been hidden in a cave and didn't know it, Stephen King was hit by a van while walking in Maine and was injured pretty seriously, almost died. He tells it a lot better than I just did, though. In case you haven't read the previous blogs, this book is on my recommended list of reading for you this year. Buy it, download it, check it out at the library, but read it. Especially if you have any interest in being a writer. Even if you don't, it's a great read, at least.

The shiny new plumbing in the bathroom works so well! I still have some clean-up to do around the house, in the bathroom particularly since there is a fair amount of drywall on our floor. But Crystal Valley Comfort did a lovely job and it was very reasonably priced. The guy had a couple of emergency jobs before ours yesterday so even though he was supposed to be here between 12-2, he got here around 5 and didn't leave until after 7. But did I mention shiny new plumbing? That does not leak!? (Thus far...)

I think perhaps a cookout is in order sometime soon. Especially if the weather stays so cookout-y. Even with a bit of rain early on today, the sunshine is back out and things are pretty dry. Now if only I could get the gumption to grill something. I have the burgers and the dogs, just not the will to light the charcoal and poke around at the ashes. My George Foreman grill works so well and is way less messy.

A bit of laundry to do, a bit of reading as well -- I wish for everyone a relaxing and fulfilling weekend.


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