Saturday, March 6, 2010

Off With Your Head!

Going to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow... oh, wait... TODAY! I'm so excited!

Still sneezy. I guess this might be a cold or something. But it's been a nice, relaxing weekend so far. Last night the boys' friend Tyler spent the night because they had an invitational this morning and had to be to the school by 5am. We got pizza and crazy bread and Mountain Dew, watched movies and went to sleep. This morning I c r a z y slept in until noon which was fantastic, let me tell you. Then we took our daughter out to eat with some friends at Wings, Etc. in Elkhart. They have 39 cent wings right now, so the three of us ate for like, $25 with drinks and loaded fries. Oh, yeah. Sooooo. Gooooood. Not as good as Buffalo Wild Wings, though, I gotta say. Less expensive right now because of the wing special, but not quite the same goodness. Spicy sauce was lovely. Steve couldn't believe I ate wings so spicy when he tried one. However, the spicy award goes to Anson Wood. He's dropped over 50 lbs in the last 8 weeks in our Biggest Loser contest at work, so his prize was to go get wings... and he got the "Wall of Flame" wings, ate sixteen of them without any other food or drink, and got his picture taken to put on the wall. Things were all right until about wing 12 when he started turning a pinkish color and breaking out into a sweat. Still, it was fun to watch. No way in the pit of Hades I'd try that stunt, though. I'll just eat my wussy half-spicy wings and enjoy my cheesy fries, thanks. It was great to hang out with Marla and Anson, though. They're great peeps.

Peeps. I hate those things at Easter. They are icky. However, funny peep story ... my first year in college at the dorm, I walked home from class one day to find four boxes of opened peeps sitting in front of a dorm window with a sign up that said "Peep Show". It was adorable until it rained. Then, kinda back to icky. What's weird is, I like marshmallow stuff if it's covered in chocolate. I am an enigma.

And can someone tell me why I have fits of ambition around midnight? I just overhauled our office, took five plastic storage bins (two new ones I bought at Walmart while grocery shopping after wings) full of stuff down to our storage room, cleaned out my desk and gathered up a bunch of stuff that my mom wanted so that I can take it to her tomorrow. Now I have an uncanny pull towards pulling all of our videotapes down and alphabetizing them because my husband randomly said that if I alphabetized them he'd watch them all in order. I'll also be able to see if we have any doubles of any movies, too. But it's 1:37 in the morning right now, and what kind of freak alphabetizes videotapes at 1:37 in the morning!?

I can't sleep until my sons are home anyhow, so I might as well do it.



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