Friday, March 12, 2010

Falling off the Wagon

Yeah. I'm not writing everyday. I know. You don't have to tell me. I'm also not reading everyday, either. Pretty much the only thing I am doing everyday is getting up and thinking "Ugh. Do I really have to get up?" And most of the time, the unfortunate answer is, "Yes."

Tonight we went to the Bristol Opera House to see Elkhart Civic Theatre's premiere of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!" I love the show, personally. I think the songs are hilarious and thoroughly true to real life dating/marriage/kids/etc. I recommend you see it if you're in the area. Call for tickets at 574-848-4116 M-F after 1pm. Great job directing, Marcia Fulmer!

Also tonight, we watched "A Serious Man". Those Coen brothers, I tell ya. A very good movie with a typical Coen brothers ending. Enjoy.

Danny got my tape in the mail. He was, I believe, "slightly displeased" that I sent him a spoken version of "Twilight", a book I love to which he has taken a staunch dislike without having read it. He'll listen to it at some point and thank me. Or I will travel to Ann Arbor and throw pink Whoppers at him while he's sleeping.

Here's something that irritates me. In fact, it's been irritating me more and more as of late. At what point in our lives did we come to a place where we cannot sit for an hour without getting up, talking, texting, taking a phone call, using the restroom, chewing gum, unwrapping candy, etc? It seems that each time I go to the theatre or to the movies, regardless of how short the show or the act is, people cannot just sit and enjoy it. For instance, tonight, during a 50 minute first act, someone incessantly chewed their gum with a vengeance and a great deal of saliva in their open mouth right behind me while they read everything on the screen out loud as if no one else near them could read it for themselves, repeated words from the scene out loud that they thought were of particular interest to them, and had a bag of goodies from which they kept removing different things to pop into their mouth. Another person had to get up to use the restroom, and another had to do some very important text messaging which may not make noise but the shiny backlight... yeah, OTHER people can see that, too. Not just you. I just appreciate silence and respect so much more than I used to and it seems that there is so much less of it than there once was. I can just see myself on stage at some point, breaking character and shouting, "YOU! Yeah, in the third row! Did you not hear the 'turn your cell phone off' announcement!? And for the love of God, can you take your wailing toddler OUT of the auditorium so the people who paid just as much as you did can enjoy the show?"

Now I'm irritated to the point where I can no longer write.

Maybe I should read?



  1. So, I shouldn't loudly crunch my m&m's as I text a friend and balance a twin on each knee in the theater??? CRAP!!!!

  2. As long as it's not a theatre that I'm in at the time, you're good. Otherwise, I might go ballistic, steal your twins, eat your M&Ms and throw your phone at the screen. :P