Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ahh, Saturday

Saturday is my favorite day of the week, I think. It's so relaxing most of the time, at least when I'm not traveling. I got to sleep in today, read the rest of a book that I started last night, watched "Precious", and made breakfast burritos. We also have "The Informant" to watch because I need a bit of levity after such a powerful, heartbreaking movie. And we're debating between Subway and Pizza Hut for dinner. I'm a big fan of staying in my robe, which I have not changed out of yet today, so I'd like someone to deliver. If they could deliver wings and Chinese food, that's probably what I'd go for.

Late last night, I started "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks. Part of the reason is because I had never actually read anything by Nicholas Sparks, and the other reason is that I knew I could read it quickly and add another book to my list. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I do something like that, but I was up front at the beginning about throwing a "Little Golden Book" in there now and then to keep up my quota. Since "Under the Tuscan Sun" took so long, and "Forever Fifteen" is apparently the longest, most boring audiobook on the face of the planet, I needed to feel that I was actually accomplishing something towards my goal. Now I can add one. Heck, I might just read another Nicholas Sparks novel tonight. Probably not. It was sad. I'm a bit overwhelmed with sad lately.

Tomorrow we're going to church in the morning. Mitch Albom is going to be there, which is quite exciting to me! Then we have rehearsal for Escanaba, then the boys have rehearsal for Glee Club.

I guess I should go figure out dinner, eh?

Have a great Saturday night!



  1. DeLuxe,
    Sorry to tinkle in your Cheerios, but I heard Albom had called off his appearance at your church. You might want to verify that, but that's what I heard.

    And as far as 'Precious' goes... Mo'Nique's performance is simply gut-wrenching. There's no other way to describe it. No matter what you think about her in any other area, when it came to that film the gurl brung it.

    And that's my mini-review, and I'm sticking to it!


  2. Just wanted you to know I am reading your blog. I have no comment though....except,I will not read or watch any thing more by Nicholas Sparks! I was scarred by the notebook. Some look at as a committed was, but I found it one of the most heartbreaking movies ever. When I read or watch something, I for the most part want to see something triumphant to up lift me at the end...even if it is just a great revenge scene!!