Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stupid Woodchuck

Groundhog, woodchuck. Same thing. Granted, I know that the first day of spring isn't for six more weeks anyhow, but still. If I see that little bugger, I'm going to let him know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what I think of his shenanigans. Frankly, I think he was involved in the ridiculous number of sloppy snowflakes in the air this afternoon as well, and I don't take kindly to that.

Can you also explain to me why our miniature pinscher refuses to go outside at the same time as our husky? He waits until she's done, then he has to go outside. I don't think it has anything to do with manners, or him being a gentleman. Maybe they've had some sort of philosophical disagreement. Honestly, I think Doobie just has a knack for doing things in an odd fashion. Like the way he eats. At the worst possible time, as loudly as he can, and he has to take a mouthful of dog food from the kitchen, drop it into the living room, and eat it off the floor. He's about the size of a groundhog, too. Hmm. Perhaps I just do not enjoy the shenanigans of any fifteen-pound quadruped. (That doesn't count for babies crawling. Babies crawling are awesome. As is the word 'shenanigans'.)

I'm so close to finishing "A Scanner Darkly" that I can taste it, but it still won't happen today. Too little time in the day. I know, the same 24 hours as everyone else. But I want 30, darn it!

I suppose it's time to figure out what to feed my face. Our boys are singing the National Anthem tonight at the basketball game, and we have rehearsal, so it'll be another late night. I sure could use a nap. I live for those these days, it seems.

Hope your Tuesday's been more than fabulous.

Until tomorrow,

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