Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plans -- Mua ha ha

I finished "The Thief of Always" last night, and it was spectacular. I got a chance to talk to my friend Danny today after he was done with his classes, and he said that the artwork in the books is actually Clive Barker's art. He says that Barker designs the artwork first and then the stories follow that. Fascinating! Sort of like writing lyrics first and then finding a tune to fit it.

I'm thinking of going on to read another Clive Barker book immediately. I just have to pick through the box of books that Danny sent me last month and find which one I want.

SPEAKING of Danny -- I have an interesting plan. He sends me care packages of cool stuff periodically, and I decided on something super cool that I'm going to send him. Something that he will be the only person in the entire universe to have. And I can't tell you what it is until he gets it and listens to it, because it will spoil the surprise. And by surprise I mean sneaky plan. Mua ha ha. I promise to tell you once he gets it and listens to it.

I found the perfect dress for Andie's wedding today. It's sparkly and purple and short and sexy and I can wear it alone or over jeans. And they only had it in a small. It actually fit! Not the.. uh... top part. But the rest of it! So I had them check all the stores in a 100 mile radius, and none of them have it in a medium. I am bound and determined to get and wear this dress for her wedding next week.

Now I am off to make Chinese food for dinner. My favorite, as you must be able to tell by now.


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