Monday, February 15, 2010

New Books!

Okay, I've forgotten to tell you that I finished "700 Sundays" by Billy Crystal the day after I started it. I absolutely love his sense of humor - I enjoyed him all the way back on SNL, episodes of "Soap", movies he's done (especially "The Princess Bride" and "When Harry Met Sally" which seems to be my husband's favorite chick flick). The book was great, short, and told so much of his life that I'd never known. I highly recommend it. Apparently I'm big on books by comedians.

Spent some time visiting with my family today after work. My cousin Debi is in town, and we ate a lot and played poker which is a Juhasz family tradition, it seems. I kicked butt. (As much as you can kick butt with pennies and nickels.)

I've also started "Forever Fifteen" on audiobook. I have to talk to Danny about this. He probably won't tell me why he wants me to read it until after I'm done reading it, though. It's narrated by the author (the name of whom escapes me at the moment). I personally think it's rare that the author of a story could be a terrible narrator, but... ugh. More to come.

Time for some vegetation time in front of Mad Men on DVD, and I get to sleep in somewhat for the first time in the last couple of work weeks. Hoorah!

Have a great night, all. I know I will.


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