Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

One more performance, tomorrow, and then we strike and party and go home. It's been such a long road for one weekend of the show, Alice in Wonderland Jr., but it's definitely been worth it. I never thought I'd enjoy youth theatre (Why not? I love theatre and I love kids!?) but every last one of these kids has been fun to work with, and enjoyable in their own, unique way. They've done a fantastic job, and so has my husband who worked so hard to direct, choreograph, and care about all the kids at the same time. Great job to everyone involved!

I have to say, however, that my house desperately needs to be cleaned. I'm thinking, once again, of completely shaving my dog. The shedding is just ridiculous. Also, I need new vacuum bags because my last one is full of her hair and I'm fairly certain I could throw some hot glue inside the bag and an arts-and-crafts version of a husky would come out. All that would be missing is the shiny pink tongue.

On a let's-get-back-to-what-this-blog-is-for note, I started reading "700 Sundays" by Billy Crystal today, and am loving it so much (and the silence that is surrounding me in the house right now because everyone's asleep but me) that I might finish it tonight. More to come on that, and soon. I'm toying with starting "Forever Fifteen" on audiobook, the one my friend Danny sent me, and one of the Clive Barker books he sent as well. Now that the show is going to be finished, I might have some time to read this month.

I'd like to say I have some deeply romantic Valentine's Day plans, but -- well, striking a youth theatre show and falling exhausted into bed so I can get up for work at 5:00am on Monday is not the epitome of romance, to say the least. I should probably get up early tomorrow and go buy him a card before he wakes up... I procrastinate so much that if I could put off procrastinating until tomorrow, I would.

I have a plethora of Alice in Wonderland songs running through my head because it's so quiet right now. Even the dryer stopped making noise. Oh... I should probably go fold the laundry, then.

If I live through the rest of the weekend, I'll keep you posted on what I've been reading!


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