Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inclement Weather

It's February 9th, for goodness sake. We don't need a foot of snow. We did need it back in December for a beautiful white Christmas, the subtle backdrop for our holiday. But now it's just irritating. I hope they close everything tomorrow. I hope they put up big orange barricades that read "Stay in your home, you do not need to come out into this ridiculousness". I realize that's a lot to put on a sign, but the barricades I have envisioned in my head are large enough to have all of that written on it, do not fear. We had to cancel our rehearsal this evening, which we desperately needed, and now we won't get together again until Thursday when we have a small audience for our final dress rehearsal. NO PRESSURE, KIDS!!!

In the midst of some personal struggle, I am keeping as positive as possible. I finished "A Scanner Darkly" today, and it was fantastic through and through. I highly recommend it, especially on audiobook because, if I have not stressed this enough, Paul Giamatti rocks my socks off.

I can feel the sore throat and congestion coming on, so I drank some Emergen-C tonight (thanks, Marla!) and took some aspirin for the sore throat and headache, and I'm attempting to get as much rest as possible tonight. I'm riding in to work with Steve again tomorrow because my car does not like the icy roads, and two are better than one when traveling in this weather, I think. So I need to get up around 5:00 tomorrow. Hence the shortness of this post, once again. I'll be back to posting and linking up things in a more regular fashion very soon.

Until tomorrow, stay warm and stay safe! (And if you're somewhere with beautiful weather, STAY THERE!)



  1. I could probably listen to Paul Giamatti....but I do NOT like him as an actor!!
    I also cannot listen to audio books, for some reason my mind....." Oh look, cows ! "

  2. HAHHHH! Is A.D.D. contagious? (I think I caught it from Steve!) Also, you crack me up! :)